Editorial: A Creative Student Report About Male Teachers


One of the great things about having this website is meeting all the interesting men and women throughout the world.

And often, I hear from students who are doing a paper, presentation or report for a university class.

Recently, one student, Peter O'Reilly at Dominican University of California, posted a question in the MenTeach Forum and also ordered some books from MenTeach.

He ended up taking a very creative approach by developing a newsletter.

Download the newsletter to see his work.

MenThatTeachNewsletter2007.pdf366.37 KB

menthatteach newsletter

Kitt Cox
Gloucester, Massachusetts, US

I just want to know 2 things

#1 - how to get a subscription - great publication!

#2 - Will this intense competition drive Mr. BG Nelson from the field of education activism into instead promoting his beloved "Minnesota Idol - the All American/All Gender Ice-Fishing Cheerleader Competition"?

Ice Fishing and Cheerleading

With a snow forecast today I think it will be hard to concentrate on education - those fish are looking pretty good.