Lawsuits for discrimination

[MenTeach: We get many e-mails from readers. Several were upset that there continues to be discrimination. It's more common than people might imagine.]

I was stunned to read the last issue of MenTeach E-News only to find out that a group of 25 parents refused to have a male elementary school teacher.

What if a female, Black, Hispanic, Jew, or Muslim teacher were in the same situation? Can you imagine refusing them a position in a nontraditional field?

Time to get real. Time for a lawsuit.

No lawsuit

An attorney will not take a case when the maximum he can sue for is 40-50 percent of the wage of the teacher. That is just not enough money and here in Florida the jury is likely to side with the school district. I can say without a doubt that men just need not apply....especially in Elementary.

Look if they had no science teachers they would recruit science teachers...they would reach out for those teachers. There is no such recruitment for male teachers because they don't feel they have a shortage.

An assistant superintendent who came to my arbitration hearing at EEOC with only a tiny piece of paper with my name on it....explained after it was over, "we may only have 10% men teachers but that doesn't mean we have a shortage"?