Some school districts are paying bonuses for new teachers.

by Josh Mailhot - North Carolina - formerly Minnesota

[MenTeach: This letter was sent to teachers at Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota.]

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am teaching down here in the great state of North Carolina! I am teaching 6th grade Language Arts. It is great, I love it. It is a dream come true!!!! I am working in the Windsor County which is a very low income county. It is amazing that these little kids want a gigantic Mid Westerner teaching them! I have never had so many kids ask me if I could be their teacher!

I wanted all of you to know that down here in Bertie County that they pay an EXTRA $1500 a month for Math and Science teachers PLUS each teacher gets a 3% supplement each year! That is an EXTRA $16,350 dollars a year totaling $46,350 for a beginning teacher! That is just simply amazing! If you know any people who just graduated college of people that have been out of college awhile, like myself, have them give me a call! There are LOADS of teaching jobs available down here! There is also a $1000 signing bonus and if you sign a three year contract they will pay off a great portion of your student loans! In my county alone we are short three teachers and school starts in less than two weeks!

One last thing in closing, I really truly thank all of you for being great educators and huge influences in my life! I never thought I would end up in North Carolina, but when you are passionate about you do you will go anywhere! I hope I can be half the educator that you all are! Thank you again for being great teachers! I wish you all the greatest this coming school year!

Please feel free to have any interested persons call me!

Josh Mailhot
412 B Hoggard Mill Rd.
Windsor, NC 27983

Josh, Wow, I can't believe


Wow, I can't believe that they are paying that. I have been teaching in a public school in Ohio for over six years and I make about $50,000. Any idea what I would make down there? Does' N. Carolina have a good retirement system? Also, how can the school districts pay that much for teachers? Up here, we are struggling for funding in our schools. Sorry for all the questions back to back.



Is your district hiring?

Is your district hiring? Hahahaha

ELA teacher?

Welcome to North Carolina, Josh. We're glad you're here. Mind your own grammar, however, and teach those desperate sixth-graders--both by modeling and instruction--the difference between "their" and "there." Proofread carefully, too: "some many" = "so many"?

There's no "the Windsor County" in North Carolina, but the town of Windsor is located in Bertie County. You must teach in Bertie County Schools or in the lone charter school in that county.

Whatever the case, I wish you both the best of luck and a most rewarding experience.


Thanks Frank.

I've made your suggested corrections (except for the County information since you clarify it in you posting).

Best regards,