Letter: From engineering to early education

I'm applying for teacher assistant positions in Albany, NY. I'm an engineering major. I love technology. I started a summer job in 2006 after graduation to save some cash for my expensive engineering major.

That job changed everything.

It was a last minute placement as my first job placement suddenly was not available. Two weeks into waiting for an opening I was offered a position at a summer camp. I immediatly said yes without hesitation thinking they'll place me somewhere that fits my experiences.

Tips for Workshops about Men Teachers

Here is a little update on the presentation I did at the TAEYC Conference. I had about 20 participants, a 60/40 mix of females and males.

Do you have a Men in Early Education Group in the United States?

We are preparing for a presentation at the NAEYC conference in November:

Men Belong: developing networking opportunities for male teachers to promote recruitment and retention
Friday, Nov. 22, 2013     8:00 AM

Men Teaching in Montessori Programs

by Martin Sorom
A little background: I live in a small city (35,000) in North Central Washington called Wenatchee. At present, Wenatchee has two Montessori programs, each program offers a 3-6 yrs. of age program of up to 30 students. One program doesn't accept interns, while the other program does. I interned at the later program, but it wasn't a strong program.

Hiring in Kansas - Teachers & Elementary Counselor

Raquel Ayala - Kansas Public Schools
[MenTeach: Ms. Ayala also sent two additional job descriptions - one for teacher and the other for special education. See attachments].

Hello Mr. Nelson,

We are looking for positive male role models to fit some of these positions.  Will you please post this job description in your newsletter?  To apply the candidate must visit our website: Kansas City, Kansas School District.

Thank you.

Raquel Ayala

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Student Group Promoting Men Teaching

Dr. Bill Strader
Yo, MenTeach!

Dr. Bill Strader here!

Professor, Early Childhood Education and Facilitator for the Student Interest Forum of NAEYC!

We have had two presentation submissions accepted for DC in November.

We will advocate and send on any of the students who would like to know more about MenTeach!

Men in Early Childhood Education, etc.!


Letter: I'm interested in teaching young children

As far as your inquiry as to how I found out about your site, I have recently been thinking of going back to college for possibly early childhood education either general or special ed students. The grade level that most interests me are the younger ages K-4th. I recently have even been considering becoming an educator at the day care level. I was simply doing a google search trying to find some resources and info on how to get into the field of teaching children and discovered your site.

Letter: Children Appreciate Male Teachers in Malaysia

by Basri Mahanom - Director - Sarjana Pintar Early Learning Centre - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Male teachers being accepted positively among children and parents of childcare centres in Malaysia.

Early childhood in Malaysia is growing rapidly in our beautiful country of Malaysia. Currently more and more male teachers are involved in this industry. As such higher learning institutions, universities and colleges offer early childhood Diploma and Degree courses.

Teacher Facing a False Allegation of Abuse

A female and male student, both 6th graders in my class room, teamed up to falsely accuse me, a 12 year veteran, second career male teacher. Both claimed inappropriate touching. The boy wanted to get out of after school tutoring. The girl, frequently off task and written up more than once, wanted to retaliate, and she was jealous of her cousins.

Help with a conference presentation

"I am presenting in a couple weeks at our state conference and my topic is "Open forum: Understanding the Male ECE Teacher." I am hoping to get  a lot of questions and discussion to help create future presentations.

Organizing Men in Early Childhood Education in Illinois

by Mark Obuchowski - Illinois
Things have been somewhat slow recruiting men in ECE for me the past two years. My energies have been required to be focused in other directions because of the roll out and now IL Dept. of Children and Family Services mandate of the Gateways Registry (all DCFS licensed providers must now be Registry members) and Illinois receipt of phase II of the Early Childhood Challenge/Race to The Top federal grant. Both of these initiatives have required significant outreach efforts which is my main work at INCCRRA.

Male Teachers wanted to hire to teach

by Aisha Lloyd - George Jackson Academy

Military retiree wants to teach

I am a military retiree and corporate training professional for 12 years. My major was workforce education and development but I am about 12 credits short of my degree.

As an African American male I have volunteered to go into the schools and be a role model but I have an interest in possibly doing it full time. Are there any programs to assist me in transitioning into this very important role?

Fathers who teach - Study Opportunity

Study Opportunity: Justin Hendricks, a graduate student at the University of Florida, is looking to recruit fathers who teach in order to understand how men's teaching experience benefits their children. Participation involves a 2 hour video or voice call and participants will receive $25 for their participation.

Contact Justin by email at justinhendricks@ufl.edu or by phone (352) 577-2885

Father-to-be wants to teach

[MenTeach: You can read more about Jonathan and his work as a teacher AND appearance on Good Morning America here.]

I am currently working as an Employment Consultant for the College for Technical Education in Lexington, Ky. I work with the Early Childhood Education department to recruit and career place students once they receive their CDA.

Question: Should I transport a child alone in my car?

[MenTeach: We receive e-mails from readers about issues that they are facing. Can anyone provide him with advice? We've removed any identifying information to protect his privacy.]

I am a male para-educator, and I currently work for the X County Public School District, in [a state in the United States], assisting developmentally disabled young post high school students in becoming more independent as young adults.

TV Show interviewing male teachers

I am the producer and host of the TV show for parents and teachers, CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS.  Last month I did a segment on the importance of more men in education and I interviewed two members of our local MenTeach organization. If it's possible, I would love to have you share the Youtube clip of that segment in your newsletter.  My show airs on over 200 community access channels from ME to CA, including New Zealand and South Africa. 

Dissertation completed - The perceptions and pressures experienced by male primary elementary teachers...

Dr. Darin William Siefert
[MenTeach: There is more and more research being completed about men teachers. Here's one e-mail from a principal who completed his doctoral work.]

I just wanted to update you.

Last December I completed my doctoral work. I had written you a few years ago regarding it. I found your organization and website to be a great resource.

Gender equity for men in Maine

My name is Barbara Barth and I wear a couple of hats at Central Maine Community College (CMCC) in Auburn, Maine. I'm an adjunct faculty member (economics), a part-time advisor (for General Studies students and student athletes) and the part-time Gender Equity Coordinator. In addition, I am an ordained Episcopal clergy who works in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine as a supply pastor/priest.

Can older males get hired as a teacher?

[MenTeach: We receive many letters from men writing about their job searches. Has this been your experience looking for a teaching job? Are older men being hired?]

Student needs help with paper

I am writing a research paper for my English 102 class at Edinboro University and we have to write on a topic were there might be a gap in the knowledge for it. I am a pretty large male and some people from my hometown recommended to me that i dont go in early childhood because i might not get hired due to my intimidating size. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this and knew of any research on it.

Thank you,
Michael Miller

[MenTeach Response]

Hi Michael,

Great topic.

Research project: Black male elementary school teachers

Black male elementary school teachers are wanted to take part in a qualitative study about the reasons Black men from the Hip-Hop generation (born 1965-1984) become elementary school teachers.

Please contact Dawn Hicks Tafari via phone at 410.615.9795 or E-mail at dntafari@uncg.edu if you are interested.

Please spread the word to those fit the criteria.

Thank you!

Hiring male teachers in New York City area


We are currently placing Certified Teachers in our after school programs to work with children in the New York City area (Bronx/Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens).

Please be so kind to post the attached job description so that your students, friends, relatives and associates may apply and provide our scholars with an amazing afterschool experience.

Research about male teachers wanted

by David Brody - Efrata Teachers College
A researcher, David Brody, is currently writing a book about male preschool teachers in different societies. He is looking for a male teacher in the Detroit or Ann Arbor and Portland, Oregon area. If you live there and would be interested in participating in this important study, or if you know of someone who fits the bill, please contact David at: davidb55@gmail.com

You can see his previous research here.

Two articles about Men in Education: World Forum in Hawaii & NAEYC

by Don Piburn - World Forum Men in Early Childhood Education (MECE)
Our World Forum Men in Early Childhood Education logo and webpage address is featured rather prominently in the latest issue of Exchange.

Men in early education Fall Meeting - MenTeach - New England

Men in early education Fall Meeting

Saturday, October 1, 2011
9:30AM- 3:30 PM

All Men and Women working with young children are invited to share resources, information, and stories.

Dr. Eli Newberger, author of Men They Will Become will join us to talk about his work on boys.

Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater, MA

Men working with young children during disasters

by John Surr
[MenTeach: John Suur has been volunteering to offer child care services after diasters for many years. He is an attorney who retired from working at the World Bank and has worked with Toddlers for many years in his "retirement."]

Previous stories:

Hurricaine in 2005

A caring man to the rescue!

Continuing to go after his dream at 50 years old

Dear Mr. Nelson,
You may or may not remember me, but I graduated this past May from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Elementary Education. At one point during college I did a research paper on the shortage of male teachers and I sent you a series of interview questions that was part of my paper along with other resources I received from MenTeach.

Thank you for my male teacher

Art Worledge - Yuba City
I'm sure that many people can talk about one of those special teachers. Our son had just such a teacher, and his name was Michael Moores at Yuba City High School.

Well, the school I attended was Arboga grammar school. I had reached the seventh grade and there were three of us who felt rather big and we were a bit unruly.

The principal, Gertrude Cable, decided to bring in a male teacher to bring our class under control. In came Mr. George Smith.

Playmakers in Haiti

Ron Blatz, Director Discovery Center
[MenTeach: If you watch the video you'll see many young men involved in play. For many men, play is a great place to get involved in children's lives and can serve as a great recruiting program for men to become teachers.]
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