Bryan Nelson - MenTeach wins award

The Exchange Leadership Initiative (ELI) launched in November 2014, with the intention to explore strategies for making leadership more visible in the field of Early Care and Education, growing in understanding of the qualities, training, and skills sets that underlie leadership and fulfilling our responsibilities in supporting and de

MenTeach E-News - October 2015

MenTeach E-News
October 2015

1) Estonia has the lowest share of male teachers in European Union
2) Wanted: male teachers in the Philippines
3) 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics data about male teachers in the United States
4) When men are given a hard time for being teachers it’s no wonder there are so few of them in the profession
5) Where are all the male teachers in our schools?
6) Ohio school looking at plan to attract male African-American teachers
7) Editorial: My Journey to the Teaching Profession

Men teaching meeting at National Early Education Conference in Orlando, FL

The National Association for the Education conference is an annual conference with over 20,000 attendees and the largest early education gathering in the world.

There are several events that men and women who want more men teaching will meet.

MenTeach E-News - September 2015

MenTeach E-News
September 2015

1) Career-changers becoming science teachers at Clarke's Cedar Shoals High School
2) Air Force veterans transition to new careers as teachers
3) Young male teachers buck long-time trend
4) The Percentage of Black Teachers Declined in Nine U.S. Cities. That’s a Big Problem.
5) 2015 Conference in Norway: Boys and Girls in No Man's Land
6) LA Schools have a severe lack of black and Asian male teachers
7) What's behind the shortage of male teachers?

MenTeach E-News - August 2015

MenTeach E-News
August 2015

1) Men we need you most in early childhood as a father figure in Malaysia
2) Increasingly, male teachers found at head of elementary class
3) Men in Early Childhood: Fathers & Teachers
4) Male teacher drought may hurt boys in Australia
5) 2015 Conference in Norway: Boys and Girls in No Man's Land
6) Sport brings male teachers together in New Zealand
7) First day of school for a male teacher
8) Why don't more men teach kindergarten?
9) 300 Male Teachers - A short video

MenTeach E-News - July 2015

MenTeach E-News
July 2015

1) Preparing Black Scholars for Leadership Roles in Education Can Be Key to Closing Academic Achievement Gaps
2) My short career as a first-grade teacher
3) A Young Teacher Prepares to Go Back to Class
4) Male Teacher in India Makes a Difference to Young Children
5) First jobs hard to find for primary teachers in New Zealand
6) Dispositions of Teacher Educators: The Effects on Male Students
7) Complete a survey about male teachers
8) Men in Childcare in the United Kingdom

MenTeach E-News - June 2015

MenTeach E-News
June 2015

1) Guest Blog: Reflections from a Male Educator of Color
2) Meet the Father of Paternity Leave - A Male Teacher
3) Don's Column "Just Say NO, to No Touch."
4) China to Offer Free Teacher Training to Men
5) 2015 Excellence in Teaching Awards - Jason Yabut
6) Eastern Kentucky University Academic Leadership Academy seeks to attract more males into teaching
7) Germany Attempts to Recruit Men into Child Care
8) One Day, Two Lives for a Male Student in Early Education

2015 Excellence in Teaching Awards - Jason Yabut

by Jonathan Rubinsky
At the Excellence in Teaching Awards dinner last Thursday evening, First 5 San Francisco recognized nine outstanding teachers for their accomplishments, dedication, professionalism, and best practice in the care and education of children in the City’s Preschool for All program.

MenTeach E-News - May 2015

MenTeach E-News
May 2015

1) Georgia’s new Teacher of the Year: Former attorney looking to make lasting impact
2) College program helping African-American males become teachers
3) More men make the grade as teachers in Halifax
4) New Book: Men, Masculinities and Teaching in Early Childhood Education - International perspectives on gender and care
5) Winston-Salem State University Real Men Teach
6) Male Teachers in Estonian Schools - Who are They?
7) Column: What's Your Icon?
8) Men in early childhood education in New Zealand

California is doing good stuff for men in child care

Gregory Uba
[MenTeach: Gregory has been involved in early education for many years, has written many articles and has served on the board of California AEYC].

CAEYC is doing some good stuff, the Winter/Spring 2015 edition of Connections featured three articles by men!

Also, our Men in Child Care facebook group has nearly 400 members!

I've got this posted on CAEYC in case you'd like to share it...

MenTeach E-News - April 2015

MenTeach E-News
April 2015

1) Proud to have a young man to be the child care centre's manager in Malaysia
2) Recruiting Male Teachers
3) I'm so glad we hired a male au pair
4) Male teachers in Quebec schools
5) Brief letter about teaching for 17 years
6) On Sale: Men Who Teach Young Children - An international perspective
7) Call to attract more men to teaching in New Zealand
8) Nonprofit trains students to stay in school, become teachers
9) New scheme launched to get more men into childcare jobs in United Kingdom

MenTeach E-News - March 2015

MenTeach E-News
March 2015

1) Gender Disparity in Public Elementary Education
2) 2015 Job Fair for Teachers in California
3) Burlington, Vermont Schools are Hiring - Actively Seeking Diverse and Culturally Competent Educators
4) Don's Column: "Men In The Lives of Young Children" at the 2005 World Forum Montreal
5) Social Justice and Equity Conference for Male Educators in Canada
6) University of Wisconsin - Stout Men continue to do more
7) Inclusion of male staff working with inclusive (special needs) care in Canada

MenTeach E-News - February 2015

MenTeach E-News
February 2015

1) Male teachers in Utah trying to live on teacher’s salary
2) Check out the different resources on MenTeach
3) Some Percentages of Men in Education are increasing.
4) Don's Column: The Velcro Child
5) Diversity in the Classroom: How to Solve the Black Male Teacher Shortage
6) 2015 MenTeach-New England Emerging Professional Award
7) Adam Buckingham – Trash to Treasures founder – died February 1
8) Numbers of men increases at a Wisconsin University

MenTeach E-News - January 2015

MenTeach E-News
January 2015

1) Male teachers in Canada
2) Benefits and Challenges of Male Early Childhood Teachers in Trinidad and Tobago
3) The lesser spotted….male primary school teacher?
4) Don's Column: Expect Male Involvement
5) More men would be attracted to teaching for better wages
6) Solution needed for male teacher shortage
7) World Data about Male Teachers: How many men in the world taught in 1996? 2012?
8) M.E.N. Organization meeting was a success in Wisconsin
9) MenTeach New England Meeting in January 2015

MenTeach E-News - November 2014

MenTeach E-News
November 2014

1) Kindergarten teacher part of a rare breed
2) MenTeach at the National Conference in Dallas, TX
3) Jerry Parr and Jason Williams National Award Winners
4) India: Male teachers in city schools feel stigmatised
5) Scholarship designed for African-American men in Florida
6) Queensland (Australia) College of Teachers propose investigation into decline in number of males choosing teaching
7) How the recession moved us closer to gender balance
8) M.E.N. Organization meeting last night was a success in Wisconsin

Jason Williams and Jerry Parr National Award Winners

Leader of Men and Children Award winner

Jason Williams - PK teacher at Greenville Ave Child Development Center, where Deborah Henderson is Director. He has a CDA, TEEM trained, and is a T.E.A.C.H. Scholar. He started at 19 as an assistant; has been in child care for 10 years. Parents rave about Mr. Jason. One parent currently has two of his triplets in Mr. Jason's class.

MenTeach E-News - September 2014

MenTeach E-News
September 2014

1) Column: The Power of One
2) Wichita State University's online survey
3) MenTeach - New England Annual Fall Meeting
4) MenTeach New England continues its work
5) More men seeking 'manny' work due to lousy economy
6) Gentlemen, Preschool Is Calling
7) Why Don't More Men Go Into Teaching?
8) Very Few Jobs Besides Teaching Offer This Much Reward
9) Book on lack of black male teachers released
10) Men In Child Care Conference in Poland

ABOUT MenTeach

MenTeach - New England Annual Fall Meeting

MenTeach - New England Annual Fall Meeting


MenTeach New England continues its work

Jeffry Robbins - Darmouth College Child Care Center
MenTeach NE continues its good work with the goal of creating excellent early care and education experiences for young children and their families through supporting the recruitment and retention of men in the ECE field with gender parity as a goal.  Men and women are invited to participate in our events. Fall activities include:
Sept. 27: MenTeach-NE annual fall meeting (see information & location)  We are excited to collaborate with Wheelock in reaching ECE students.
Oct. 23-24: VAEYC conference

MenTeach E-News - August 2014

MenTeach E-News
August 2014

1) Column: Men in Early Childhood Education - On the Retreat In Hawaii
2) Ten new University Programs to teach men teachers
3) Why Are There So Few Men in Jewish Nursery School Classrooms?
4) How Boston Public Schools Can Recruit and Retain Black Male Teachers
5) Jefferson welcomes district's only male kindergarten teacher
6) Childcare should be 'actively promoted' as a career for men
7) New teachers, nervous as kindergartners, prepare for the first day of school

MenTeach E-News - July 2014

MenTeach E-News
July 2014

1) The Pendulum Column: Where is Mr. Waldo?
2) Program aims to attract black males into teaching
3) Where Did All the Male Teachers Go? France Worries That Boy Students May Be Suffering
4) Male teachers in Western Pennsylvania elementary classrooms
5) Study: Minority teachers benefit all
6) Earn $24,000-$32,000 stipend to get your Graduate degree at the Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR) Program
7) Study: Minority teachers benefit all
8) New book: Men Who Teach Young Children - An international perspective

MenTeach E-News - June 2014

MenTeach E-News
June 2014

1) Men and women gather in Puerto Rico for the World Forum 2014
2) Nigeria and Lesotho in Africa recruiting more men to teaching
3) Patrick Romero receives First Five Award
4) Harborne school bucks trend of male primary teacher shortage
5) President Carmona: We need male teachers in Trinidad
6) Pakistan schools get 89 teachers
7) Project in Scotland launches to increase number of young men in childcare sector
8) Kindergarten comic strip
9) MECE gatherings in Canada a great success

MECE gatherings in Canada a great success

Ron Blatz - Executive Director
We just had our last MECE meeting last night. It’s the one attached to our local ECE Conference. It was an ;absolute brilliant night of sharing stories and reminding each other of our most important work.

MenTeach E-News - April 2014

MenTeach E-News
April 2014

1) Get Paid: Need photographs of men teaching
2) Grants seek black males to teach in elementary schools
3) Where Are All The Male Teachers [Infographic]
4) Men in Early Childhood Education at the World Forum 2014 in Puerto Rico
5) Deputy Prime Minister's wife hails 'cojones' of men who do childcare
6) New Zealand early education sector one of the most sexist
7) Appreciating men in early childhood - special session given in Malaysian convention
8) Men in early child care Radio Interview in Australia

MenTeach E-News - March 2014

MenTeach E-News
March 2014

1) Arkansas ranks last for male teachers
2) Male teachers wary of hugging students
3) One man's journey - A long term struggle to teach
4) Men in Early Childhood Education at the World Forum 2014 in Puerto Rico
5) Canadian teacher puts his best foot forward
6) Early years development: Why it is a job for the boys
7) St. Louis Teacher of the Year
8) TEACH Campaign Seeking Minority, Male Teachers
9) Comic: The issues of being a male preschool teacher
10) A man's world in Australia

MenTeach E-News - February 2014

MenTeach E-News
February 2014

1) Anthony Barej gets a lesson in childcare at United Kingdom Hertford Regional College
2) South Africa Research: Abuse perceptions alienating male teachers
3) Where Are the Black Male Teachers?
4) The Co-operative Childcare has launched a campaign to boost the number of male nursery workers in the UK.
5) Maryland schools hope to recruit more male teachers
6) Report: Male Educators Convene Summit in Maryland
7) More male teachers solution to issues?
8) A report from a man teaching in Puerto Rico

New England - MenTeach 2014 Gathering

Emerging Professional Award for a male teacher 3-5 years in early childhood education.

We will be giving the award out at the MassAEYC/ men's reception  Friday March 7, 2014 at 5 PM at the Westford Regency Hotel.

You can see some of the past events:

2013 - Dr. Edgar Klugman awardee

2012 - Marcia Farris awardee

2010 - David Elkind speaker

MenTeach E-News - January 2013

MenTeach E-News
January 2014

1) Male educators sought in south New Zealand
2) Engaging men teachers...a real challenge in Malaysia
3) Male teachers for kindergarten schools in Vietnam
4) Teaching is one of the most important professions
5) Top male teachers at Erdiston College in Barbados praise programmes
6) Alabama Voices: Someone missing from schools
7) Men teaching in Ireland
8) Utah Dad also Teaches
9) Men in Early Childhood Education at the World Forum 2014 in Puerto Rico

MenTeach E-News - December 2013

MenTeach E-News
December 2013

1) Teacher winner of a NZI Sustainable Business Network Award
2) Black male headteachers in England's state schools number just 30
3) Black Male Teacher Stands For Aspiration, Support
4) Letter: From engineering to early education
5) Memoir of a male educator
6) 'Mannies' On The Rise In New Trends for Child Care
7) Where Are All the Caring Men?
8) Out Of 1,883 Teachers, 56 Black Males
9) Research: Why female teachers predominate in France

MenTeach E-News - November 2013

MenTeach E-News
November 2013

1) Men Teaching in Montessori Programs
2) Male Teachers in North Carolina
3) Tips for Workshops about Men Teachers
4) Vermont Conference Gathering A Success
5) Do you have a Men in Early Education Group in the United States?
6) Men in Early Childhood Education in Singapore
7) Book: Gender, Race, and the Politics of Role Modelling The Influence of Male Teachers
8) Misconduct allegations complicate work for male teachers, coaches
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