Men and women meeting at NAEYC Conference in Washington DC

Men in Education (M.E.N.) Network Interest Forum invites men and women to its annual meeting. Take the time to learn and share information on a variety of activities for men, fathers, and others who have an impact on the lives of young children. Learn about what’s happening in the USA, and internationally (particularly Germany and Norway). Find out how to recruit more men to your program, and how to support and retain men you already have. Help set the future agenda for the interest forum, have fun, and make new friends!

Two awards will be given out at the conference.

Vermont Conference Gathering A Success

by Jeffry L. Robbins - Director Darmouth Child Care Program
Thanks for the great opportunity to spread the word at the VAEYC conference that men teach (and do it well) and that MenTeach exists for support and education. VAEYC is certainly a champion for men in education. We had six people at our interest forum meeting and all stayed for a full hour of discussion. Ten people joined us for lunch and there were just shy of 20 in Craig's workshop. Then, what, 350 people walked by our display.

MenTeach E-News - October 2013

MenTeach E-News
October 2013

1) German government campaigns for more male kindergarten teachers
2) Hiring Males Is School District Priority
3) Male Kindergarten Teacher to Principal in China
4) Increasingly, male teachers found at head of elementary class
5) Research: Turkish Female Preschool Teachers' Attitude toward Male Preschool Teachers While Hiring Job
6) New Zealand - Men in Early Childhood Education National Summit – Call for Papers
7) New England - MenTeach Fall 2013 Gathering

National USA Conference Meeting in Washington DC

Awards Celebration for Men and Others
This is a fun event to celebrate you! Join us in celebrating the different identities that make up our organization.

MenTeach E-News - September 2013

MenTeach E-News
September 2013

1) More male elementary school teachers
2) Spike Lee: We need options other than sports, rap and the corner
3) Minority male teacher shortage prompts legislation that aims to boost their numbers
4) The End of the Male Teacher: Seniority Rules
5) To Recruit More Black Male Teachers, Retain Those You Have
6) The U.S. Teach Campaign to recruit more male teachers
7) China trains male preschool teachers
8) Real Men or Real Teachers Author Paul Sargent died
9) Being a male elementary school teacher

MenTeach E-News - August 2013

MenTeach E-News
August 2013

1) Male teachers serving as role models at Rockford daycare centers
2) Teacher believes no job is more important than teaching
3) Men in the classroom: Back to the basics of primary
4) Program Puts Dads in Classroom
5) Azerbaijani women prevail over men in teaching
6) Women teachers on the rise in Congo, Africa
7) Ireland: More men returning to primary teaching
8) Shanghai's male kindergarten principal is a class act
9) Men act as great role models in nursery settings

MenTeach E-News - July 2013

MenTeach E-News
July 2013

1) Math teacher James Whiteley nominated for Pride of Australia Medal
2) From Rugby to Kids: Tackling the Little Issues
3) MenTeach - New England Annual Reception a Great Success!
4) Student Group Promoting Men Teaching
5) Special Education Doctoral student is Florida’s 2013 Teacher of the Year
6) New Zealand - 7th EC-MENz Summit Report
7) Salaries of up to $99,000 and 12 weeks vacation
8) Op-Ed: We Are in Desperate Need of More Male Elementary School Teachers

New Zealand - 7th EC-MENz Summit Report

by Peter Visser
This year's 2013 EC-MENz summit was hosted by Albert Samuel with his family and the community at the Cook Island Centre, Flaxmere in Hastings. The Summit began officially on Saturday morning with a very warm Cook Island welcome by our hosts.

MenTeach - New England Annual Reception a Great Success!

In April MenTeach - New England held its annual reception at the Massachusetts AEYC Conferrence in Lowell.

MenTeach E-News - June 2013

MenTeach E-News
June 2013

1) Advocates say schools need more male teachers
2) Hoping Black male teachers make a difference
3) Canadian School trustee calls for study on male teachers
4) My Quest to Teach: African American Men and Teaching
5) South Carolina has 1st male Head Start teacher of the year.
6) Teacher of Year Davis tries to meet students where they are
7) Letter: I'm interested in teaching young children
8) Men’s Stories: Mr. Matty (Matthew Proctor)
9) Movie: Children of Life

MentMenTeach E-News - May 2013

MenTeach E-News
May 2013

1) Letter: Children Appreciate Male Teachers in Malaysia
2) School defies male teacher shortage
3) Black Male Teachers: Becoming Extinct? Show Me the Numbers
4) Teacher Facing a False Allegation of Abuse
5) Falsely accused teacher struggles to cope after name cleared
6) Nurturing Men – 10 years ago
7) Men in early childhood - Evidence?
8) How to not be angry at women
9) Swiss Male teacher discusses gender debate
10) Early childhood education could do with more men: Experts

MenTeach E-News - April 2013

MenTeach E-News
April 2013

1) Help with a conference presentation
2) Study looks at shortage of male teachers in younger grades
3) Men in Your Teacher Preparation Program: Five Strategies to Recruit and Retain Them
4) Dominica Teacher Wins Phenomenal Male Teacher Award
5) Schools attracting more male teachers in New Zealand
6) Man dispels childcare myths
7) Report about men teaching in Florida classrooms
8) Men in Childcare Half Day Briefing in London
9) Kids would benefit from more male teachers, experts say

MenTeach E-News - March 2013

MenTeach E-News
March 2013

1) Male Teachers wanted to hire to teach
2) More men needed to work in childcare industry for balance
3) New Zealand: Primary School is a time to change a child's life
4) Organizing Men in Early Childhood Education in Illinois
5) Why There Is A Shortage Of Male Teachers In Elementary Schools?
6) Scholarship Scheme to Invite Men into Early Childhood Education – A First for NZ
7) The Perils of Being a Male Teacher at an All-Girls School
8) Male teacher says career choice should not be determined by gender

MenTeach E-News - February 2013

MenTeach E-News
February 2012

1) Most male teachers confident working with children
2) China: Lack of Male Teachers Detrimental to Kids' Development
3) Men in female-dominated jobs
4) Same-Sex Education: Do Male Students Need a Male Teacher?
5) Study: Anxious times for male teachers in primary
6) New student organization supports current and future male educators
7) Pizza and Networking in New Hampshire
8) Dreams for Manitoba men in early education
9) Hiring should favour male, minority teachers: Toronto school board

World Forum - Men in Early Childhood Education

by Don Piburn - Hawai'i

Working Forum on Men in ECE

You can find out more about the Working Forum on Men in Early Childhood Education and join us in doing the global work by going to our website.

Pizza and Networking in New Hampshire

by Jeff Robbins - Darmouth College

Click to enlarge.

MenTeach E-News - January 2013

MenTeach E-News
January 2012

1) Assessing the Impact: The Value of Men as Caregivers in Early Care and Education
2) Administrator Suggestions Regarding the Recruitment of Male Elementary Teachers
3) For girls, teachers' gender matters, study says
4) Employment Tips for First Time Teachers
5) Dr. Ed Klugman to receive the Steve Shuman Award in Support of Men in Early Education
6) Why are so many parents reluctant to hire men to care for their kids?
7) Chinese political advisors demand more male teachers

Assessing the Impact: The Value of Men as Caregivers in Early Care and Education

by Kathryn J. Owen - San Diego State University, 2012
Working with young children is perceived as women‘s work, and men are noticeably absent in most early childhood classrooms. The purpose of this non-experimental, mixed- methods study was to explore how men in the classroom add value to the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE). The researcher was interested in how men as caregivers and educators perceive their place in a workplace dominated by women, and how their presence enhances learning experiences for the children and families they serve.

MenTeach E-News - December 2012

MenTeach E-News
December 2012

1) Foundation pays education expenses to increase male black and Hispanic elementary teachers
2) Why Black/Latino Male Teachers aren't as Effective in the Classroom...Yet
3) Acclaimed Author: Teaching not just for women
4) London Early Years - Men in Childcare Report
5) Missing: male teachers
6) In The Land Of Women: Being a Man in Early Childhood Education
7) Raising Boys' Achievement Involves More Male Teachers
8) Scotland lagging in supply of male primary teachers

MenTeach E-News - November 2012

MenTeach E-News
November 2012

1) Male elementary school teachers in New England
2) Where men make up 97% of the teachers?
3) Men in Early Childhood - Colorado
4) More Male Teachers in Chinese Kindergarten
5) Why I became a teacher: I changed career to do something memorable
6) Increase in male trainee teachers in United Kingdom
7) Could more men in childcare have a real and lasting effect on the inherent prejudices of society?
8) With Perks And Privileges, Tajikistan Seeks To Draw Male Teachers Back To Schools

Men in Early Childhood- Colorado

On October 23rd, 2012, MEC held their first music event in collaboration with Clayton Early Learning. In attendance were Clayton Head Start students along with their fathers.

MenTeach E-News - October 2012

MenTeach E-News
October 2012

1) Fathers who teach - Study Opportunity
2) A Report: International Conference about men in early education in Berlin, Germany
3) Does Gender Make a Difference? First results from the German 'tandem study' of female and male ECE workers
4) Kitas Tour of Hamburg Germany
5) Denmark: Training and education of men at a social policy level
6) MenTeach gathering in New England a Success!
7) Germany - The male kindergarten teacher
8) Military retiree wants to teach

MenTeach gathering in New England a Success!

by Craig Simpson
On the first Saturday in October MenTeach-New England held its Fall meeting in the Boston inner city Neighborhood of Mattapan, MA. Clarence Little provided was host as director of the Grove Hall Child Development Center and almost 20 people attended.

Kitas Tour of Hamburg Germany

I'm here in Berlin, Germany attending the The International Conference "Men in Early Childhood Education and Care," where a couple hundred attendees from all over the world have gathered. About 15 of us were invited to come early to tour one of the more successful pilot programs to recruit more men in Hamburg (a large northern city in Germany).

MenTeach E-News - September 2012

MenTeach E-News
September 2012

1) Father-to-be wants to teach
2) International Conference about men in early education in Berlin, Germany
3) Teacher's Day: 45% of teachers in Indian schools are women
4) Male educators in Grand Forks elementary classrooms
5) More men applying: Meet Donnie Dupree
6) Men in Early Education Fall Gathering in Massachusetts
7) The 'manny' admitted to England's top nanny college
8) United Arab Emerate (UAE) study reveals men turning their backs on teaching

Male Teachers Needed to Bring Diversity and Add to the Quality of ECE

Dr Farquhar - New Zealand
More men in the early childhood education sector would not only bring a range of benefits for children, but could also lift the quality of early childhood education, improve staff dynamics and encourage fathers to become more involved with their child’s education, a new survey shows.

A more diverse workforce, with men represented as well as women, is seen as being necessary to expand the quality of early childhood education for children and bring different viewpoints and ways of working to the ECE profession and the sector.

Men in Early Education Fall Gathering in Massachusetts

Craig Simpson - MenTeach - New England
Men in Early Education Fall Gathering

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grove Hall Child Care Center
1295 Blue Hill Ave.
Mattapan, MA. 02126

Stories, sharing Men in Early education
Discussion about Fathers and Boys

(including Moms, Girls and Grandparents)

MenTeach E-News - August 2012

MenTeach E-News
August 2012

1) 50 per cent more males in teaching
2) Interviews of "international experts" about men in early education
3) Man Up: Be a Teacher
4) TV Show interviewing male teachers
5) Creating future-minded African American men
6) Question: Should I transport a child alone in my car?
7) We need the men!
8) Our schools need more male teachers
9) Australian man: Founder of Males in Early Childhood Network Group
10) Greenville actor named district Teacher of the Year

ABOUT MenTeach

MenTeach E-News - July 2012

MenTeach E-News
July 2012

1) An editorial: Male teachers are a rare and special species in Malaysia
2) Resources for falsely accused teachers
3) Men in elementary classrooms in New Hampshire
4) Too few men choose careers in teaching
5) Male Teacher blazes a new trail in China
6) Michigan Man finds satisfaction teaching overseas
7) Men Rush to Sign Up as Primary Teachers
8) Dissertation completed - The perceptions and pressures experienced by male primary elementary teachers...

MenTeach E-News - June 2012

MenTeach E-News
June 2012

1) Clemson Call Me MISTER program to expand into Mississippi
2) Numbers of Manitoba (Canada) male child care workforce increasing
3) Can older males get hired as a teacher?
4) University enrollments in Australia buck trend on male teachers
5) Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Teachers and Accusations of Abuse
6) Are the percentages of male teachers going up or going down?
7) A letter: Gender equity for men in Maine
8) Wanted: Black male teachers across the nation
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