MenTeach E-News - January 2009

1) Listen to MenTeach on national radio
2) Are there more men going to school to be teachers
3) A man who loves teaching
4) Primary principals seek more real men
5) In Australia - women principals outnumber men
6) Men helping children during disasters
7) American Federation of Teachers reports about male teachers
8) Quality Childcare: The Missing Element - Men
9) Mr. Rogers firmly believed men should teach
10) Resources - Find out about what each state requires for a teacher license

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MenTeach E-News - December 2008

1) Call Me Mister researcher
2) Hunt is on for more men to lead classrooms
3) Obama win could have effects within classroom
4) Interviewing over 130 teens for summer program
5) A bit of history about male teachers in the United Kingdom
6) Plan to revitalize a European men in childcare network
7) Research - Male Students Referred to Special Education More Than Female Students
8) Male director hiring male teachers in Australia
9) Saving our black boys
10) Resources - Seen any good movies about male teachers? Check these out!

MenTeach E-News - November 2008

1) Boys want male teachers - read a new study
2) My son had an amazing experience teaching
3) Every Head Start required to indicate male involvement
4) It's like having four hundred grand kids
5) ABCNews report continues to attract some controversial comments
6) Research - Early childhood textbook images reflect rules for male teachers
7) Can a male teacher who is gay be open about it?
8) Do you want to be a television star?
9) The missing father: How male teachers are seen by students from divorced settings

Northeastern Men Meet

Craig Simpson - NE USA
A year ago (2007) four of us met in the backyard of Jeffrey Robbins' house near Hanover, New Hampshire.

Last month in late October, 2008, we had seven men on Jerry Parr's porch in Londonderry, New Hampshire. That's almost twice the size. It actually seemed like more things were happening this time around.

MenTeach E-News - October 2008

1) Male teachers are vital role models according to another study
2) False accusations hurt male teachers - one man's story
3) Male teachers crucial as role models
4) MenTeach appears on ABC News Good Morning America
5) Promoting Gender Diversity in the Massachusetts Early Childhood Workforce
6) Can you help my son be a teacher?
7) Male teacher: Looking for a teaching job
8) Discovery Channel looking for some fathers
9) Teaching following retirement from corporate world
10) Resources - Do you want to teach? Find out how...

MenTeach - E-News - September 2008

1) Children benefit by having male teachers – read an interesting response
2) What is "male" culture?
3) New grant and loan forgiveness legislation
4) Are men in ECE really so special?
5) A plea for help: Policies against touch
6) The mistrusted male teacher – parental bias
7) It’s going GREAT! The experiences of a former attorney
8) It's not who, but how, boys are taught
9) Get your free DVD about men teachers...
10) Resources – Do you need some money to pay for school?

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MenTeach E-News - July 2008

1) Teacher Shortage or Teacher Turnover?
2) Ex-soldiers to be hired early for teaching jobs
3) From software engineer to math teacher
4) A tough job market for men teachers?
5) Some did not find the cartoon funny. What do you think?
6) Teacher Shortage or Teacher Turnover
7) Looking at past postings - advice to male teachers
8) Finland: Incentives for Male Teacher Trainees?
9) Read about some of the interesting men and women who attended the Working Forum
10) Resources - Find out about resources and websites about men teaching.

MenTeach May 2008 E-News

MenTeach: We're sorry about the tardiness of our newsletter for the last two months. It's been a very successful and busy year. Read all about what is happening in the world of Men Teaching!

1) Commercial pilot lands new career in classroom.
2) Medic wants to become a teacher, how does he do it?
3) A first in history: Working Forum Men In Early Childhood Education.
4) More men enroll in university teacher course.
5) Need a little humor? Check out the editorial cartoon.
6) Are you a Teacher? Complete a survey - spread the word.

T. Berry Brazelton Supports Men Teaching

by Kitt Cox
TBarryBrazeltonT. Berry Brazelton attending a gathering of men and women in Massachusetts about men teaching.

Where are the Men? Exploring Gender Diversity in the Early Childhood Workforce

Three nationally-known speakers will present their views on this topic and engage in dialogue with participants. They collectively hold a wealth of experience and insight in the field of early education:

Bringing Together Men in Early Education and Care professions - Massachusetts

Bringing Together Men in Early Education and Care professions on April 11 - 12 at Mass AEYC annual conference at Westford Regency Inn, Westford, MA

Friday April 11 at 7 pm join men from all over New England to discuss the iniatation of a regional men's Interest Forum
Workshop - Men in Early Childhood: Saturday April 12.

For more information contact

Men for Excellence in Elementary Education

I just wanted to make folks aware of the "Mizzou Men for Excellence in Elementary Education" (MMEET) program at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Info about the program is available at: Go to MMEET

Changing laws: Including gender in the definition Diversity

by Kitt Cox - Massachusetts Family Network - USA
Like many states, Massachusetts is attempting to develop a comprehensive early education and care system. One of the first steps towards that was bringing most of the providers into one department - known in this state as the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).

M.E.N. Retreat - A Massachusetts and New Hampshire operation with regional aspirations

by Kitt Cox
Men in Education Network (M.E.N. Interest Forum) - October 6, 2007

I. Biographies - The men shared their experience working in early education.

II. Professional Assistance

- Forming relationships between male educators and parents:

October 2007 MenTeach Newsletter

USA National MenTeach Symposium in Chicago
New Zealand - First NZ Men in Early Child Care and Teaching Summit
Newsweek Article - Magazine
NBC Nightly News - Television
World Forum in Hawaii 2008
Australian Men Meet
How to recruit 30 men to early education?
MenTeach on Ontario Television panel discussion talking about men teachers
On MenTeach Website - Discussions and Forums
Meet some men - Men's Stories
Let us know what's going on in your part of the world

Parents want their children to have male teachers

Training and Development Agency for Schools - United Kingdom
"Three quarters of parents questioned believe that it is important for young children to have both male and female teachers and 83 per cent say that they would like to see more men teaching primary age children."

How to advertise to recruit male teachers for early education?

by Ron Blatz, Executive Director - Manitoba, Canada
Since returning from the World Forum on Early Care and Education in Malaysia, I have been busy trying to get some relevant statistics regarding men in ECE here in Manitoba. Thanks to Kathy Reid, the Director of the Manitoba Child Care Program, here are the latest known figures as of June 2007.

The Schott Fellowship in Early Care and Education

Thanks to MenTeach member Kitt Cox for forwarding this scholarship information:

What is the Schott Fellowship?
We are now accepting applications for a one-year fellowship for early care and education professionals in Massachusetts . The fellowship offers twelve professionals the opportunity to engage in public policy, build their leadership skills and focus on social justice for children and their families. The fellowship in 2008 will focus on these topic areas:

Working Forum 2007 - Men in Early Care and Education (MECE)

by Donald E. Piburn, M.S.Ed.
We have come such a long way in the two years since the Men in the Lives of Young Children session generated "a great deal of interest" among delegates to the 2005 World Forum Montreal.

Men in Early Childhood Education: Boys, Fathers and Teachers - New Hampshire, USA

by JD Avallone, Co-facilitator
It was my privilege to co-facilitate the Men's Interest Forum at the 2007 NHAEYC Annual Conference.  Sixteen students, teachers, directors and owners (15 female:1 male) joined us to discuss issues facing men in early childhood education (ECE). What unfolded during the discussion was beyond anything I could have hoped for!

Report from Massachusetts AEYC - USA

JD Avallone - Massachusetts AEYC
A small contingent of childcare professionals met recently at the MassAEYC Annual Conference to share their thoughts on the history, present circumstances and future of men in early education. Roughly 600 people attended the conference between Friday and Saturday. Thirty participated in the two sessions held on this topic. Discussion stemmed, at both sessions, from that precise phenomenon: "Where are all the men and does it really matter?"

Here is a synopsis of our findings (in no particular order of importance):

Where are all the men?

New Zealand - Men in Early Child Care and Teaching Summit

by Dr. Sarah Farquhar -
On 29th March an extraordinary event in education - a Summit on Men in Early Child Care and Teaching - was held in Christchurch. It was probably the first time that men outnumbered women at an early childhood meeting - and what a different atmosphere it was. Above is a photo from the event - a guys only shot.

World Forum for Men In Early Childhood Education (MECE) - Kuala Lumpur, Maylaysia

by Don Piburn - MenTeach
In May, several of us are off to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for the 2007 World Forum on Early Care and Education.

Male director hiring male teachers in Australia

by Craig D'Arcy - Australia
I am a male Director of a long day care centre. It is being built at the moment and will be operating in 8 weeks. I'll be looking to employ one or two male workers as part of a team of ten. In the Australian context, this will be fairly innovative to have a few male workers together. I've worked in early childhood services for 14 years, never working or studying with another male.

A Hawaiian MenTeach Retreat

by Donald E. Piburn, M.S.Ed
Perhaps all you mid-West retreat attendees and planners will have more experience or a different spin, but I have some impressions to share from our first Hawaii AEYC Men in Education Network retreat back in October. We followed the suggestions outlined in the NAEYC bulletin on the topic by our very own Bryan Nelson.

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