Men In Child Care: Crisis or Opportunity?

by Gregory Uba - Men in Child Care CAEYC
[MenTeach: We thought this was an interesting perspective about dealing with the global economic crisis. Perhaps using the current situation as an opportunity would be an effective strategy for recruiting unemployed men to consider teaching.]

The State Budget Crisis is having a huge impact on programs. Many of you have probably already heard of State Preschools turning in their contracts and closing centers. Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies have reduced services and cancelled trainings.

A good Kindergarten teacher is worth $320,000 a year

by David Leonhardt - New York Times
How much do your kindergarten teacher and classmates affect the rest of your life?

A Poetry Slam poem about teaching

MenTeach: Every year there is a National Poetry Slam in the United States. It is where individuals and teams compete performing their poems. It's not the poetry of your childhood. It's live, active and quite exciting to see.

Be warned that the content may have objectionable words and gestures:

Men who change nappies change the world!

by Bryan G. Nelson - MenTeach.org
[MenTeach: This article is published on ChildForum.com, a updated site hosted by Dr Sarah-Eve Farquhar. Dr. Farquhar, who lives and works in New Zealand, has been a pioneer in researching the importance and challenges facing male teachers. You can join her site by linking here. Great job Sarah!]

Men Answering My Childcare Ad

by Lisa Belkin - Motherlode - NYTimes Magazine
I posted an ad on Craigslist this week and found myself in the new economy.

With my older son leaving for college soon, I need to hire afternoon help, someone to drive my younger son from school and to activities, and to do cleaning and shopping and errands to round out the job. It has been more than a year since I last looked to hire for a position like this, and I expected many of the changes out there -- more people answering the ad, willing to work for less money, bringing experience that far exceeds the job requirements.

When it comes to childcare, I prefer a manny

by Rachel Johnson - London Evening Standard
It comes as no surprise to me that a male nanny is up for the childcare industry's biggest gong. Like Madonna  and Gwyneth Paltrow, Jemima Khan and Britney Spears, who all have given birth to boys and pretty quickly hired mannies, I've known that males make the best nannies for years.

The missing man in class

by Bill Maxwell, Times Columnist
I do not have solid proof, but I believe that the public school experience of my generation of black males in Jim Crow's South was far superior to that of most young African-American males in today's public schools anywhere in the nation.

On The Reason Why You May Only Get One Black Male Teacher Ever In Your Life (If At All)

by Jose - The Jose Vilson Blog
Here's a real and researched statistic for you. Before college, I only had 1 Black male teacher. I also believe I had 1-2 male Latino (sorry for redundancy, it's necessary) teachers in my lifetime before college as well. His name was Mr. Wingate and he taught me Computer Applications. In 12th grade.

Barring Male Educators: Safety Concern, Fear-Mongering, Or Discrimination?

by Amanda Hess - Washington City Paper
Washington Post "On Parenting" contributor Brian Reid let loose a little parenting secret: He would never hire a male tutor for his elementary-aged daughter. In "Little Girls, College Guys--and Nervous Parents," Reid writes:

Stephen Colbert suggests men work in child care

Stephen Colbert has a television show on Comedy Central. In this epsidoe he proposes that unemployed men should be hired to work in child care. Although it's a satirical comment - we think his right - men should work in child care.

An excerpted video clip from Stephen Colbert

Married to a man teaching in early childhood

by Melissa Behunin - Yuma Sun
My friend recently came to visit and lend a hand with the birth of our new son. As we sat in the midst of diapers, toys and dirty clothes, we said our good-byes as my husband and daughter headed toward the door to go to preschool. My husband, with a guitar on his back, adjusted our four-year-old daughter's piggy-tail one last time and bent down to fix her shoe.

Real men teach kids

by Jane Weinkrantz - New York Teacher
"Fewer Male Instructors Now Entering the City Public School Service" read a headline in The New York Times in March of 1912. Its first paragraph stated: "There is unmistakably a scarcity of men among the teachers recently appointed, or to be more accurate, among those who have accepted appointment.

Men wanted - because teaching isn't just women's work

by Sara Todd - Yorkshire Post - UK
More than a quarter of England's primary schools do not have a male teacher. This is the conclusion of a - for once - interesting and worthwhile Government survey.

Our son, who started school last September, is the only boy in his year. Most of the time he's happy enough but, every so often, declares himself "fed up of girls".

In search of black male teachers

by Edward Hayes - Chicago Public Education Examiner
Archaeologically speaking, male elementary teachers are going the way of the unindicted Illinois governor, virtual extinction. In 2007, the National Education Association announced that men are only 9 percent of America's elementary teachers -- a 40-year low. A sub-set of this species, the black male teacher, is so rarely seen in daylight that he becoming an urban myth.

Fear and Anti-Male Discrimination in the Classroom

In his book The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things, Barry Glassner discusses how Americans have become unnecessarily fearful of many things, thanks in good part to opportunistic politicians, single-minded advocacy groups, sensationalist news media, "news magazine" programming and so on.

Simply Teaching - One man's teaching journey

[MenTeach: This is an interesting blogpost from a male teacher. He tells an interesting story about his getting hired and cites numerous articles on the internet. This is an excerpt.]

Are There Any Male Teachers Out There?

by Dawn Farrell and Michelle McHugh -
As an individual walks through the halls of an elementary school more often than not they will observe only female teachers. One may ask are there any males in this profession? If so where are they? Gender roles have changed in the United States, yet there are still very few male teachers in the classroom especially at the elementary level.

Editorial: Will there be more women in the U.S. workforce?

There are so many trends that effect why men and women work in the occupations that they do. During the late 1920s, more men returned to teaching. And after World War II, because of the GI Bill we saw more men going into education than ever before in history.

We now have two things going on that may be a "perfect storm" of having more men go into education.

1) More men are losing than jobs than women. According to a New York Times article last year:

Editorial: It's important to challenge ALL gender bias

We read numerous articles about gender bias. Our focus at MenTeach.org is primarily about challenging stereotypes and bias that men face in education. And we know this is important work.

We also think it's important to challenge any and all gender stereotypes and bias. If we allow stereotypes about women - our co-workers/teachers - then we are perpetuating the entire system of sexism. And ironically, it will hurt us.

Career changers wanting to going into teaching

Yes. It's a very tight economy. And many school districts and programs are laying off and not hiring. But teaching still remains a good place to work. In the next few years, we will see a large percentage of teachers retiring. It probably would have happened sooner except for this "don't call it a depression" depression that we are in.

To prepare for this change there two programs I want to highlight for career changers.

Why Boys Fail?

There's a new book coming out in January 2010. The author, Richard Whitmire, talks about male teachers in one of his chapters:

Public Mixed on Gender Roles in Jobs; 7% Prefer Male Elementary School Teachers

MenTeach: There is much debate about what occupations men and women should have. In a study by Pew Research a survey shows there is bias towards one gender for specific occupations.

"...the survey asked whether people are more comfortable dealing with a man or with a woman in a variety of positions of authority - doctor, banker, lawyer, police officer, airline pilot, school teacher and surgeon.

What's your favorite movie about male teachers?

There are a number of films about male teachers. Some are better than others but all portray men as teachers. Do you have any favorites? Are we missing any?

Here's a list:

1939 & 1969 Goodbye Mr. Chips
1955 Blackboard Jungle
1970 Halls Of Anger
1984 Teachers
1989 Lean On Me
1988 Stand and Deliver
1990 Kindergarten Cop
1991 Shout

New DVD about male teachers

Expect Male Involvement: Recruiting & Retaining Men in Early Childhood Education

An exciting and effective DVD about men in the lives of children is now available for purchase. It's already been shown in Georgia, Canada and will soon be shown in Ireland. A great video about the importance of men in the lives of children.

MenTeach Mentors needed in Minneapolis/St. Paul & Cambridge, Massachusetts

MenTeach Mentors

Young men, ages 14 - 15 years old, need men mentors who are currently working or have worked with children. The young man will be working in youth programs, child care and schools this summer.

There are three levels of involvement:

1) Career day - This is a one-time visit to the youth's worksite where you have an opportunity to discuss your career path and teaching.

Dr. Helen talks about stereotypes that male teachers face

An MSN article notes that male teachers continue to take a nosedive:

Where Are All The Men - A Parent's Perspective

by Stacey Garfinkle - Washingtonpost.com

That's the word that describes my emotions last week when we received the long-awaited postcard telling us who the first-grade teacher would be. While we're lucky that our school has many very good teachers, there are a few I'd rather avoid. A good teacher means my son will likely have a great school year; a bad teacher means... Well, thankfully we haven't had to cross that path yet.

Just Say NO, to No Touch

by Donald E. Piburn, M.S.Ed
Male early childhood (EC) educators face stereotypes that portray us as potential child abusers on a daily basis. Clearly, children must be protected from child abusers, yet a principle reason many men give for not entering or staying in the field of early childhood education (ECE) is fear of being accused of harming young children (Nelson, 2002). Only at their own peril do many male EC educators offer "the intimate pats, back rubs, caresses and leisurely holding on laps and in arms that little ones need" (Honig, 2005).

Are male teachers the answer?

The Jamaica Observer
Career & Education shares with you this week the thoughts of Vivienne Turnbull concerning the value of male teachers in the classroom and how Jamaica could, potentially, attract more men to help educate and mentor the island's boys. Turnbull is an image and communications consultant.

WHEN I attended high school and college, there was no shortage of male teachers in the classroom. I suspect this had a positive impact on students, especially males.

Men teaching in the news

Every day we see more and more stories about men teaching - the attention to this topic is hopeful and we believe an indication of the interest.

Both the posting of the article to ABCNews.com and the Good Morning America segment generate more than 30,000 hits in one day to the MenTeach.org website! We've been watching the comment section of their site and have read many stories.

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