Hiring male teachers in Washington, DC

Are you interested in relocating to DC to serve on a teaching team at the University of the District of Columbia's Early Childhood Lab School?

I have recently been given the responsibility to transform our child development center into a lab school.

Help with research about Middle-Class African-American Male Teachers Teaching Low-Income African-American Students

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am searching for participants for a research project focused on the experience of African-American men teaching in urban schools with a large population of African-American students from a low-income socioeconomic background. Involvement includes completion of short questionnaire and a face-to-face interview or virtual interview via Skype which will take approximately 60 minutes. If you know any teachers who might be a fit, kindly forward this email to them.  Willing participants need only to follow the link below to complete the questionnaire.

Do you need a job teaching? Hiring male teacher

I am an Elementary School teacher at a charter school in Newark, NJ. We have a significant population of male students who are in need of quality male teacher/role models. We are currently recruiting K-5 certified teachers for the 2011-2012 school year.

Does your organization have any partnerships in the NJ/NY area that you could put me in contact with to post our vacancies? Do you provide job location services? I'd greatly appreciate any assistance you could give me.

Nicole Warren - sakanie@gmail.com

Student wants to know whether male teachers should get bonuses

[MenTeach: We receive numerous inquiries from students that have assignments for their classes. Here is one example that asks an interesting question. What do you think? I've included my reply.]

Thank you Mr. Matt

by George Yamamoto
Dear Mr. Matt,

Free Graduate Teacher Training Program

My name is Yvette Dalton-McCoy and I am the Associate Director of Graduate Diversity Programs at Tufts University located in the Boston Metro area. Attached you will see a flyer for our "Biannual Prospective Graduate Student Days".

One man's struggles to be a teacher

Anonymous Letter
Since I wrote that e-mail to you, I have succeeded in getting placed on the substitute teacher list for the X Unified School District. This did not happen easily.

I applied last fall, even getting the fingerprinting done, and though they added many substitutes to their list in December, I was not one of them. I enlisted the aid of several teachers I knew in the District to call on my behalf and request that I be added to the sub list. I pestered the HR office with repeated calls. All of this was to no avail.

Apply for a National Child Care Teacher Award

The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation is calling for submissions for the Terri Lynne Lokoff/Children's TYLENOL(R) National Child Care Teacher Awards.

Parttime jobs in New York City, Boston, Baltimore, & Charlotte

by The BELL Recruitment Team
We are currently hiring male mentors/tutors for our afterschool programs to work with children in the New York City area.  Please be so kind to print and post this job description in a visible place so that your friends, relatives and associates may apply and provide our scholars with an amazing afterschool experience.

Fall Meeting of New England MenTeach

Fall Meeting of New England MenTeach will be held

Saturday, October 2 11AM-3PM in Northampton. MA

All men (and allies) in early childhood are encouraged and welcomed.

Where the Guys Aren't: Addressing the Lack of Gender Diversity in the Early Education Profession

Time & Date: 6 to 8 p.m. - Oct. 27, 2010

Location: Birth to Three Family Center, 15 Market St., Suite 4, Ipswich, MA 01938-2200

Where is YOUR bumper sticker?

Here's a recent photo of my brother Brett posed next to my brother Jeff's race car and a familiar bumpersticker. Look closely at the car door.

It says: Men Who Change Diapers, Change the World!

Thought you might appreciate the humor.

Kitt Cox

[MenTeach: Send in YOUR photo and we'll post it!]

Understanding the role of male elementary school teachers

Understanding the role of male elementary school teachers in the social development of children raised by single mothers in the Jewish community of Montreal, Canada.

Schools need best, diverse teachers

by Mike Baker - Schaumburg, IL
After changing careers in 2003 to become a teacher, I believed what a lot of people said about finding a job as a teacher in grades K-5. People said that there was a teacher's shortage and with a teaching staff at any elementary school averaging more than 92 percent female, a man with a teaching certificate, a Master's degree in education and a diverse background would have no problem getting interviews.

Where are all the male teachers?

James Gonzales - Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia
Recent reports that there will be no more male teachers in 20 years is of grave concern. In the 60s when I joined the teaching profession, we were fired with a sense of commitment, dedication and passion, and it was a vocation, but not anymore. As pointed out by my fellow teachers, now many enter the teaching profession only when they cannot find other jobs, a sad reflection on a profession that was once revered.

New Deadline! Seeking manuscripts for Journal of Men's Studies

As I eluded to in my first message, I want to move ahead with a special or thematic issue of the Journal of Men's Studies dealing with men and the teaching profession with a special focus on the early grades (not opposed to other educational levels though). I see the issue consisting of 4-6 peer-reviewed papers and a book review section highlighting recent books dealing with men and the teaching profession. The first order of business then is to identify the GE(s) for this issue.

Survey of male early childhood and elementary teachers (PK-5)

The attached is a letter distributed to numerous school districts in the nation (United States). We would like your help in getting the survey out to more men in teaching.

A Student Using Education Statistics

I have looked a the National Center for Education Statistics site that you suggested, the problem is that it has so many statistics and tables it is hard to navigate through to the specific information one is searching for. Although I could not find exactly what I was looking for I did find some extremely useful data.

Call for Papers Special issue: "Male Teachers, Masculinities, and the Teaching Profession"

The Journal of Men's Studies
The Journal of Men's Studies is planning a special issue dealing with male teachers, the importance of male teachers in the lives of young children, and the teaching practices that both encourage and discourage males from entering the teaching profession.

Role male teachers have in the social development of children growing up with the absence of a supportive father

I am a few weeks away from my initial thesis submission titled, Understanding the role of male elementary school teachers in the social development of children raised by single-mothers in the Jewish community of Montreal, Canada.

It is a topic that has not received much attention. Sure, there is a concern for why men leave the teaching profession, and why there are so few, but what impact do they have on children in today's contemporary society? This is the area I chose to study as a male elementary school teacher myself.

Here is the abstract:

School is hiring male teachers

[MenTeach: We've gotten some e-mails from men saying that schools are not hiring men. We wanted to offer this e-mail from a school out in California]

New Teaching Men site in Australia

I am a teacher (12 years) who has taken some time away to complete my PhD.

I am looking at teaching and men and was wondering if you would consider including a link to my website and on-line survey on your site. Please check the site out at : www.teachingmen.com.au

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Davis
Griffith Institute for Educational Research

Graduate student doing research

I am conducting research on men teaching in elementary education. I am developing a program that encourages men to teach in the elementary profession and to provide support for these men once they get into the field of teaching.

I am looking for data on comparisons between men and woman teaching, the advantages that men have over women according to attendance, academics, and behavior of their students.

My research is being based on these comparisons and the assessment test given throughout the past five years.

More films suggested

One of our readers, Ricky Lobo, had some more film suggestions.

What do you think? Do you have some favorites?

"Coach Carter" starring Samuel L. Jackson
"Dangerous Minds" starring Michelle pfeiffer
"The Substitute" starring Tom Berenger
"Freedom Writers" starring Hillary Swank
"An Officer and A Gentleman" starring Richard Gere

Reader's Comments about why so few male teachers

by Matthew Tabor - Blog - Education for the Aughts
[MenTeach: One of our readers, Mr. Philllip, forwarded this interesting commentary about a newspaper article about men teaching. Thanks Phil.]

Male Teacher Levels Hit 40-Year Low; NY Elementary Teachers Only 9% Male

Parents want to keep a male teacher

The Parents and Friends of a School
[MenTeach: We've been asked to remove any identifying information from this article because the teacher - two and a half years later - is having a difficult time securing a job and our article comes up in the search. The hopeful part is that so many parents value and appreciate him. The important part is reading how a single administrator can welcome or reject having men teaching our children.]

I am a teacher that is in this story.

More films about male teachers

Prof. Jonathan Bradley - McGill University
"Goodnight Mister Tom" is a 'masterpiece theatre' production originally aired, I believe, on public television (circa 2005). Based on Michelle Margorian's novel (winner of the 1982 IRA Children's Book Award), by the same name, this story centers on a somewhat bedraggled, single, and sour-aged man.

Principal seeks to study perceptions about male teachers

Darin Siefert - Principal in Missouri
I'm a male principal of one of the largest K-3 buildings in Missouri. I have roughly 1000 students, and 80 teachers. I have 2 male teachers on staff, one in 3rd and one PE teacher. Besides them, myself, I have a male custodian and a male food service worker.

Because of this and my experiences I am interested in the phenomenon of the ever decreasing amount of males interested in the primary elementary. As a part of my doctoral studies in Educational Leadership through the University of Missouri, I am going to study this problem.

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