Discovery Channel looking for fathers

[MenTeach.org usually does not focus on fathers (even though many of us are fathers) because there are so many other sites and organization with a father focus. We thought we would make an exception since the original focus had been about male teachers.]

MenTeach has been talking with Discovery Channel and it turns out they are changing their focus of their documentary from men in child care to fathers:

False accusations hurt male teachers

I am actually on the verge of becoming a teacher, having completed my M. Ed. program and reached the student teaching stage. My certification is pre-K -- 6 and my goal is to teach upper elementary (3 - 5). I have worked off an on as a substitute teacher for several years, in between other full time jobs, and determined that I relate best (and am most effective) with 8- 9-10 year old kids. I am 50 years old and am transitioning from a long career in the non-profit sector.

A plea for help: Policies against touch

[MenTeach: We receive e-mails asking for help. What advice would you provide this man? Identifying information has been removed to protect the confidentiality of all staff.]

Hey fellas,

I have a question about a new policy my center is trying to put into place.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

by Stuart Cleinman
Having been in the field for a few decades, I have realized a few things:

1) We need more males.
2) We (males) will always be a small percentage, but hopefully will grow.
3) Salaries will remain low.

Seeking men for a research project

by Shaun Johnson - Indiana
Men in Education Research Project

A letter appreciating male teachers

Ruth & Paul _______
Winnipeg, MB
June 9, 2008
Dear Discovery Centre Staff,
Re: Alicia
It is with regret that I inform you that Alicia will no longer be attending Discovery Children's Centre after the last day of school, June 26th. We will be making arrangements for part-time home care in our school division area, as Alicia will be attending Bruce Middle School in September.

The Gender Gap

by Yasmini Vinci - Letter to the Editor - Boston Globe
DERRICK Z. JACKSON'S column on male teachers casts a light on the frequently overlooked issue of gender inequity among those who teach young children ("The value of the male schoolteacher," Op-ed, April 22). This imbalance is even more glaring in the early care and education field, with women constituting 97 percent of teachers of children under 5.

A successful summer program that recruits young men

by Just Holm - Preschool Manager - Cambridge, MA USA
I wanted to share some good news about recruiting men to our field.

This year we got 131 young men who put working in Preschool as their first or second choice for the Mayor's Summer Youth Work Program. We were able to place 27 of them in Cambridge preschool. The young men are invited to come to sessions specifically addressing the issue of being a man in preschool.

A new book - Men on a Mission: Valuing Youth Work in Our Communities

by Bill Marsiglio, Author
I'm on the MenTeach listserve and thought I would share a recent publication of mine that may be of interest to you and your colleagues. I cited your 2002 book in my own work. As the description indicates at the link below, I interviewed and observed men in a wide range of youth work settings, including elementary, middle, and high school teachers. I also have a separate section on men and schools in the book.

Is there a reverse ‘glass ceiling’ for men in education?

[MenTeach: There were some postings to one of the elists about men and education. Two long time educators discuss a topic of interest.]

What about the men who succeed in what tend to be female-dominated careers, including nursing, travel, marketing, and childcare? Is there such a thing as a reverse glass ceiling for men?

From nuclear reactors to teaching?

I'm a 34 year old male who has always wanted to teach, but has always been discouraged from doing so by all the important people in my life, especially women. My mother has a Master's Degree in Education and has been teaching since I was born in 1973. The funny thing is, she has been the biggest opponent to me becoming a teacher.

Schott happens! Fellowship Available.

Kitt Cox
Hello MenTeach,

Here's a great opportunity for men and women in Massachusetts to learn about how to have an impact on education policies, develop professional networks, and to build advocacy skills. Diverse leadership connected to community - architects of change.

Schott happens!


It's that time again!

We are looking for great people to be Fellows in 2009. The application, due September 15, 2008, can be found on www.schottfellowship.org.

One reason we love to teach

by Terry Bussey
We just had one of our School-Age girls move on from our program after being with us for quite a number of years. She lives with her grandparents and they wrote a very heart-warming letter to us. One portion of the letter really spoke to me and I wanted to share it with you:

Finding support as a male teacher

Chris - Male Teacher
[MenTeach: Occassionally we receive e-mails from readers that we like to post.]

The little comic strip posted at: http://www.menteach.org/news/male_teachers , left me feeling slightly less alone.

Men teachers in Malaysia

by Mahanom Basri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am very happy to share my experiences having male teachers teaching at my centre.

2009 is a special year whereby two male teachers are actively involved at the centre. They are well received by the children until female staff felt a little bit uncomfortable.

Our young children as early as two years old will shout and automatically stop doing any activity when this male teacher arrives. Overwhelmed with their voices they will go to shake hands and big hugs are usually seen.

Batman in the classroom?

[MenTeach: A person posted an interesting question in the forums.]

I was wondering if anyone had any experience in trying to teach superheroes to preschoolers.

Teach in an all boy school

Septima Clark Public Charter School, the first public charter school for boys in Washington, DC, has launched its 2008-09 teacher recruitment search.

We need your help!

Standing up for male teachers

by Thomas W. Washburn
[MenTeach: A director wrote asking advice about how to respond to parent's concerns. You can read her letter here. The following is one reader's comments.]

In your recent MenTeach newsletter you had a response for a director who had a parent that did not want his child to have contact with an excellent male teacher.

Careful not to slag women

I was reading some of the blogged reaction to the program the other night and was surprised to see the overwhelming audience criticism of the female presenters.

Prejudice against male teachers

by Mike Baker - Schaumburg, IL
I had to laugh in frustration at the recent article by Corinne Hess on why more men don't teach in schools.

I'm a elementary substitute teacher with a master's degree in education, who in 2002 switched from working in the business world for more than 14 years and went back to school to get my degree.

When I entered the program, I was told of the shortage of teachers and especially male teachers at the elementary level.

Some Schools Won't Hire Men

[MenTeach was interviewed for a Newsweek article this fall and there has continued to be comments. Read one below.]

This is a prime example of the gender bias found in education today. There is no shortage in male candidate, yet there is a shortage in male teachers.

I was a candidate once but despite all my efforts, I never found a permanent position. This was not for lack of trying.

Some families are uncomfortable with male teachers - What do you do?

[MenTeach - A director of a program sent the following e-mail and below it is our response. Do you have any additional suggestions?]

I have a family at my center who is very uncomfortable with my preschool excellent male teacher. His postion is that this male teacher can't be left alone with girls because he is a guy.

I already explained to him our rigorous background check process and talked to him about how good of a person and teacher he is. Still, Mom and Dad are not confortable.

Teaching a University Course about Men In Early Education

by Paul Proett - California - USA
[Paul Proett has taught a university course for over ten years.]

We are in are 10th year of doing the 1 unit, Community College ECE class. Now are expanding to two colleges.

We continue to "morph" the class. Many of the issues to the "newer" generation entering the field are different, but the reality of few men teaching remains.

How did you begin teaching?

Read some previous Letters

We've been loading some of the letters from our old website and found them very interesting.

Look them over and tell us what you think.

Go to: Letters and scroll to the bottom of the page to see them.

Is it difficult for a man to get a date working as a teacher?

by Jack Colfax - California, USA
[MenTeach: The opinions expressed in postings on the site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MenTeach.]

There's no doubt that more male teachers are needed in the United States, and your web site does an excellent job of pointing out many reasons for this. However, as a former teacher (and a male), I would like to shed some light

"Think You Can Teach? A Survival Guide For New Middle School Teachers."

by Leon Avrech
37 years in public middle school education.

A note from the author:

Becoming a teacher

by Peter O'Reilly
The article in Newsweek was great. I have e-mailed you before with some research I have done as a student from Dominican University here in San Rafael, CA. My spring research was formatted as a newletter called the Dominican Habit and talked about teaching professionals and students. I am a returning adult student studying to get a B.A. and then a teaching credential.

A new student

One of our members, Ron Blatz, Executive Director of Discovery Children's Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is the proud grandfather of a new child.

The hand is the child's father and the mother (Ron's daughter) took the photo.

(photo by Kristi Noelle Lepage)

Teaching and coaching in Nebraska

by Heath Johnson
I am the fourth grade teacher here in Bassett. I also Head Coach Football and Assist in Basketball.
I got into teaching because my younger brother who is 12 years younger than me, taught me how to love and deal with children. From the first time that I interacted with a group of students at my local preschool I was hooked. Full of wonder and excitement, children make each day new and exciting.

Some school districts are paying bonuses for new teachers.

by Josh Mailhot - North Carolina - formerly Minnesota
[MenTeach: This letter was sent to teachers at Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota.]

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am teaching down here in the great state of North Carolina! I am teaching 6th grade Language Arts. It is great, I love it. It is a dream come true!!!! I am working in the Windsor County which is a very low income county. It is amazing that these little kids want a gigantic Mid Westerner teaching them! I have never had so many kids ask me if I could be their teacher!
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