Conversations with Students

by Frances Carlson
I had a REALLY interesting conversation with both a female and a male ECE student yesterday.

The gist of it was the male - who had spent the day in our child development lab - commented that one of the little boys seemed to bond with him immediately.

I asked him why he thought that may have happened.

He said, 'He's never seen one of us in his room!"

The female student then said, "My boss won't hire men. She has a policy against it."

False Allegations Create Nightmare for Male Teacher

by B.J.
I recently read an article you co-authored in Dimensions of Early Childhood entitled Reducing Aggression with Touch. I thought it was a great article.  You even referenced positive touch with young children as including back and should rubs. I wanted to share a horror story of mine with you regarding student touch and allegations against male teachers.

Using the pronoun "he" for teacher

Frances Carlson - Chattahoochee Technical College - GA - USA
I have a male student in a curriculum development class. One of the class assignments was to evaluate a child's portfolio. The child was identified as "Chase" but no teacher name or identity was given.

I was just reading this male's student's evaluation, and throughout his narrative, he referred to the teacher as "he." I've never had this happen! Female students always refer to the teacher as "she" and every male student I've ever had has referred to the teacher as "she." This is a break-through!

New Research - Male Elementary Teachers: Myths and Realities

by Robert Bonner
I have completed a doctoral dissertation entitled Male Elementary Teachers: Myths and Realities. It will be available from Proquest/UMI in the next two or three months. If you want more information, please feel free to contact me.

You can read the Abstract in the FORUM.

Always Dreamed of Being a Teacher

by Dan Sakowski
I came across your website as I was researching how to start my new "second" career in life and that is to FINALLY become an elementary school teacher.

I've always wanted to teach. I've spent my entire adult career teaching adults as a corporate trainer for some large companies in the U.S. and internationally as well.

Be a television Star!

by Gregory Uba
I have a contact with KCET that is looking for family child care providers to be part of a nation-wide early care and education show that has been successful in california... you can nominate a Family Child Care provider from your community, it is no longer limited to california!

I wanted to put it out there to the men first!

The program has welcomed men - CAEYC board member Moises Roman is a featured curriculum expert.

I, Gregory Uba from Beach Cities AEYC, have appeared several times. 

Here's the scoop...


Website in Norway

Hi folks,

In 1993 - together with some kindergarten teacher-friends of mine - we did set up a website:

Men In Childcare (menn i barnehagen).

For many years we were pretty much alone in our field in Europe. Eventually a similar site emerged - in New Zealand - and then in Scotland.

Sadly - The MIBNETT site is no longer working - and I was pleased to find this site!

Hopefully I will be able to provide this site with ideas from my side of the globe - Norway.


PBS television show "Man in a Child's Life"

Hello Everyone,

My name is Moises Roman, I work for the PBS affiliate in Los Angeles, KCET.  We are working on two shows for PBS that are a talk show format with an activity segment at the end related to the topic of the day.  This is a daily show that is aimed at informal providers that are at home with young children. The shows are called "A Place of Our Own" and "Los Ninos en Su Casa" the Spanish Version. 

Research Grant Recruiting & Retaining Male Teachers in Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)

Patrick Cuneo
I am contacting you as part of a grant I recently received from the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).  The project deals with recruiting and retaining highly qualified male and/or minority faculty members at the Lower School level (I've included an abstract below), and I feel that you could offer some valuable input.  As you know, diversity-in terms of gender, ethnicity, etc.-is a priority in most independent schools, yet so many Lower School faculties remain relatively homogeneous.  As part of the project, I plan to travel throughout the southeast to colleges and univ

A New University Course: Men In Education and the Male Teacher

We have been in touch in the past and it has been quite some time, several months perhaps, since our last correspondence. Things have nonetheless picked up in my work for the issue of male teachers and I wanted to update you on a project of mine.

A Young Boy's Desire To Be A Teacher

My son is 11years old & in the 5th grade. He is currently working on his "Career Museum" project and we really appreciated the editorial from 10/5/05. Do you have any more current statistics regarding the percentage of men teachers, especially in primary education?

My son has wanted to be a teacher since Kindergarten. His best teacher to date was his male Kindergarten teacher. He has related very well to both male teachers he has had in his school life.

First Year Teacher Struggles

[MenTeach: We wanted to share this letter with everyone. Some of these challenges are faced by all first year teachers AND some are unique challenges for male teachers.]

I did not realize how political the public school game is! I just want to learn how to be a great teacher. I have people here that I feel are not really out for my best interest.

Another first year male teacher's struggles

[MenTeach: We wanted to share this letter with everyone. Some of these challenges are faced by all first year teachers AND some are unique challenges for male teachers.]

I did not realize how political the public school game is! I just want to learn how to be a great teacher. I have people here that I feel are not really out for my best interest.

South Carolina Teacher accused of having classmates stomp on another child's foot

[MenTeach is often contacted about false allegations. This is one's man's story. He asked that his name remain confidential.]

I didn't get a lawyer but if I had it to do over again, at first hint of an allegation, I would have gotten the best lawyer in the city to hunt down the two mothers who had personal vendettas against me and decided to concoct this (almost) career shattering allegation.

Midwest men in preschool programs

My name is Chuck West. I live in Michigan City, IN, and have worked in, managed, and now own, a business that--among other things--provides consultative mental health services to the Chicago Head Start Program.

17 Elementary School Teachers Out of 241 - That's 7%

I'm a full time graduate student at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ working on a Master's of Science in Teaching degree specializing in Elementary Education.

I'm a 30 year old male who is doing a clinical practicum in a second grade class in a poor urban district. There are no male teachers in the school which piqued my curiosity.

The county I live in presently has 17 male elementary teachers of its 241 teachers (7%). I decided to write my graduate thesis on this disproportion and how boys' test scores are affected.

From recreation administration to special education teacher

I found menteach.org while looking online for some basic information about my paper and ran into the studies that you had done.

I'm a graduate student. I received a B.S. in Recreation Administration and wanted to switch before but I only needed an internship to receive my degree, so I finished that.

I changed fields into special education last year and am getting a teaching certificate within a year.

A man who LOVES his teaching job!

My name is Kevin and I am an Early Childhood Educator in Chicago, Illinois. I have been teaching since 1996 and I love it.

There is nothing better to me than teaching the children and listening, observing and helping each child grow, learn, and make choices. And to hear them say, "Teacher Kevin is my teacher." My dear friend that's what it's all about!

But I have had difficult times too.

A new kindergarten teacher

by Jason Thomas

I just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy your website.

I just graduated from Eastern Michigan University and I found my first job teaching kindergarten for the fall. I cannot wait!

Jason Thomas

Questions from a student for male elementary school teachers.

by Jeff Nelisen
I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing your site. I am an aspiring teacher in my junior year at Arizona State University. I am currently enrolled in an adolescent development class which requires a research paper. Being a 36 y/o male, I chose the topic of the role of men in early childhood education.

I have found many stats on your site as well as some of the common reasons why men may not choose this profession (pay, stereotypes, nurturing aspects, etc.). However, I was wondering if it was possible to get more personal input on questions like:

Working with infants & toddlers

by Travis
Dear MenTeach:
I'm proud of you for all that you're are doing!

We need more groups to support men in the field of teaching preschool and caregiving of young kids. I have learned for a guy to be a caregiver to infants/toddlers and teacher to preschool aged kids, that it takes time and passion to convience people that I'm a compassionate, loving person to the kids; just like a female teacher/caregiver.

From U.S. Marine to elementary teacher

by Matt Fridley
I would like to start by saying that I am a male first grade teacher. I am in my fourth year of teaching and all of my time has been in the first grade. I really enjoy working with the kids in first grade and I find that my job is more rewarding than anything I have ever done in my life. It would be hard for me to imagine myself doing anything else.

Men Care: Child Care For Children Hurricane Victims

by John Suur
[MenTeach: John Suur has been volunteering to offer child care services after diasters for many years. He is an attorney who retired from working at the World Bank and has worked with Toddlers for many years in his "retirement."]

This article is a narrative of how things went for me during my recent deployment to the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and the Red Cross Center in Pensacola. A second report will comment on matters only of concern to Disaster Child Care.

I want to teach elementary school

by Mordecai Goldstein

Dear Mr. Nelson,

I have just received my AA transfer degree from Edmonds Community College in the state of Washington (3.56 GPA) and on the 19th of this month I'll be starting on a degree in elementary education at Western Washington University's Woodring College of Education.

Second career in teaching

by Robin Shaffer, RDHAP
Dear MenTeach,

I have just visited your website and I totally support your idea to recruit more men into teaching. I work in public health in elementary schools and see kindergarden teachers in action. It was strange to see at first but the male teachers I've seen have a different teaching style. They seem to have a calm style and a well-behaved classroom. They are supportive of the children without being overly nurturant. The children seem to respect the teacher and he treats them with respect and in a more straight-foreward manner.

The man who became a school

by Dr. Marcia S. Popp, Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education, retired
I have read your website with great interest, having written a book [The Man Who Became a School, (2004)] about the career of a man who devoted his entire career to being a teacher and principal at a small, rural school in Southern Illinois.

Chemical industry to teaching career

by David Cincotta, Ph.D. - St. Benedict's Preparatory School, Neward, NJ
Back in 1970, while I was an undergraduate at MIT, a teacher from an elementary school in Arlington, MA called MIT and asked if someone could talk to her class about pollution. At that time, I was a freshman in a new experimental program called the Unified Science Studies Program conducted by the Educational Research Center. Students in USSP did not take classes but learned experientially. I had just completed a research project on radioactive water pollution for Ralph Nader so I was asked to give a seminar on pollution to that 3rd grade class.

Schools aren't hiring men

by Gregory S. Hay
I disagree with all the articles I have read and the State of Texas' Education Board when they say school districts do not have enough men applying for elementary school positions.

I think there are plenty of male applicants. Men generally wait till their later years before deciding to teach.

Moon Walking with Michael Jackson

by Chuck Allen, President - Twin Cities AEYC
What does Michael Jackson have to do with Early Child Education and Childcare? One would hope nothing! Unfortunately there is a darker side to this comparison. Michael Jackson is another man accused of molesting children. There seems to be an underlying fear by many members of our society that any man in ECE is potentially a threat to their child's health and safety. These beliefs seem to persist to some degree in all cultures and ethnic groups.

Looking for a teacher's job

I am embarked on a new, second (really first) career as a teacher of children in grades K - 3 in suburban Chicago (northern), after 25 years in business. I have a new MAT and a new Early Childhood certificate (chosen instead of Illinois' K - 8 certificate because I want to teach only the youngest children) and looking for a new teaching position. I am 50 and also have an MSJ from Northwestern U. and a BA from Carleton.
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