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German government campaigns for more male kindergarten teachers

It is still an unusual picture: Karsten Röttjer, a 1.90 meters (6'3 inches) tall male, surrounded by young girls and boys. Physical education is on the schedule today. The children bustle around the kindergarten teacher. Physical education is always exciting for the children and with their new kindergarten teacher Röttjer it is even more fun. "I noticed that some of the kids are totally focused on me.

China trains male preschool teachers

China Daily/Asia News Network
Education authorities in south China are training male preschool teachers to provide suitable male role models in kindergartens, traditionally dominated by female teachers.

Yang Linyun is among 100 male students who were recruited and subsidized by the government in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to be trained as preschool teachers.

Men act as great role models in nursery settings

Men in childcare are great roles models for children missing a father figure in their life, according to male nursery nurse Simon Austin.

Simon is a nursery nurse at the Walton-le-Dale setting of Carr Manor nursery and represents one of only 3% of males within the early years sector.

Shanghai's male kindergarten principal is a class act

China Daily/Asia News Network
Zhu Jun's first semester as a kindergarten principal has come to an end, leaving him feeling exhausted yet enlightened.

"The semester was really rewarding, because I accumulated a great deal of experience. But I feel a bit tired," the 29-year-old says.

Ireland: More men returning to primary teaching

by Dick Ahlstrom - Irish Times
That rare thing in primary education – a male teacher – will be more in evidence this morning as new junior infants and their classmates troop into school. There has been a persistent drift of men back into primary school teaching after decades of domination of the profession by women.

Women teachers on the rise in Congo, Africa

by Laudes Martial Mbon (AFP)
At the Itsali primary school, on a dusty road near Brazzaville's airport, all but one of the 20 teachers are women, a sign of the major gender shift in the Republic of Congo's educational system over the past two decades.

The small school employs almost exclusively women, from its directors and teachers to administrators and secretaries.

Azerbaijani women prevail over men in teaching

By Nazrin Gadimova - AZERNEWS
The Ministry of Education has cited the reasons for the number of male teachers being below that of female teachers in the secondary schools of Azerbaijan.

Besides the salary, the small number of men involved in teaching is being influenced by other factors related to business activity and other issues, the ministry said on August 20.

Teacher believes no job is more important than teaching

by Luke Warren - Kent & Sussex
Schoolchildren in Crawley could be growing up with a lack of male role models in their lives.

Less than a quarter of teachers in town are male and four Crawley schools have no male teachers whatsoever.

Salaries of up to $99,000 and 12 weeks vacation

by Yasmine Phillips - The Sunday Times
Salaries of up to $99,000, 12 weeks holiday and the chance to shape the next generation: they're the selling points that will be put to WA students to boost the number of men taking up teaching.

In the wake of new lows in male teacher numbers, Education Minister Peter Collier met the heads of the Catholic and public primary school principal bodies this week to map out a plan to stem the exodus.

From Rugby to Kids: Tackling the Little Issues

by Lisa Power - The Daily Telegraph
He's tackling a new career - but this time the team is a whole lot smaller.

Former Sharks NRL star Colin Best has traded football for childcare - and loves it.

"It is so rewarding to see the older kids getting ready for big school," he said.

"My main involvement is the maintenance and accounts and admin guy.

Canadian School trustee calls for study on male teachers

by Lisa Rutledge, Times Staff - Canada
Not long after public school board trustee Mike Ramsay raised concerns that male teachers are vastly under-represented in elementary schools, emails began to flood his inbox.

“The response was overwhelming,” said the Waterloo Region District School Board trustee.

Although the issue has been on Ramsay’s radar for nearly two decades, even he wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of emails and calls from men who said they couldn’t get hired at local elementary schools.

“I was quite taken aback,” he said. “Everyone has a story.”

Early childhood education could do with more men: Experts

By Stacey Chia - The Straits Times
When Mr Bryant Goh tells people that he is studying to become a pre-school teacher, the most common response he gets is: "Isn't it a job for women?"

His parents were also apprehensive and even offered to pay for his studies overseas, in related disciplines like psychology.

Swiss Male teacher discusses gender debate

The number of male primary school teachers is growing but they’re still in the minority in Switzerland. A politician has called for a 30 percent male quota on teacher training courses to encourage more men to work in primary classrooms. Does it matter whether your children are taught by a man or a woman while they’re at primary school?

Falsely accused teacher struggles to cope after name cleared

CBC News - Montreal
A Quebec elementary school gym teacher says he is struggling to rebuild his life after having been falsely accused of sexual touching.

A rumour began circulating at Henri Fournier's school in February 2008 involving 19 girls between the ages of eight and 13 who accused him of inappropriately touching girls, sometimes in front of other students.

Officials at Notre Dame de l'Assomption Elementary School in Chateauguay, south of Montreal, took the allegations seriously and suspended Fournier without pay.

School defies male teacher shortage

By Andrew Elstermann - Burnbury News
There might be a shortage of male teachers in Western Australia but this is not the case at Glen Huon Primary School in Eaton.

Principal Carolyn Nankervis believes her students are lucky to have seven male teachers who work hard to offer a balanced education.

Men in Early Education Half Day Briefing in London

Capita’s Men in Early Education half-day briefing event will cover ways in which the Early Years sector can work towards increasing the numbers of men working in the profession and working on encouraging the profession for men as well as showcasing some best practice working around male involvement.

Schools attracting more male teachers in New Zealand

In a woman-dominated profession, man-power is strengthening at Timaru early childhood centres and primary schools.

And although the numbers are still small, Timaru schools are happy with the number of male teachers on their staff.

Garden Grove Montessori Preschool has one male teacher and licensee Christine Kirkeby said historic perception was what was turning away male teachers.

Dominica Teacher Wins Phenomenal Male Teacher Award

Irvin Jackson, a male teacher from the Pierre Charles Secondary School, has been awarded the first ever Phenomenal Male Teacher Award.

The award was presented at the Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT) 17th Annual General Meeting on Wednesday.

DAT, in collaboration with the Status of Women Committee (SOWC), introduced the award to highlight and encourage the male teachers in the teaching profession.

Scholarship Scheme to Invite Men into Early Childhood Education – A First for NZ

by Dr. Farquhar - Child Forum
It will not be rare to see men in early childhood teaching and childcare roles if a new initiative by NZ’s national early childhood network, ChildForum, sparks men’s interest.

The proportion of men to women working in early childhood education was higher 20 years ago than it is today.  Only 2% of early childhood educators are men, compared with a high of 2.3% in 1993 and a low of just 1% in recent years.

New Zealand: Primary School is a time to change a child's life

by Genevieve Helliwell - Bay of Plenty Times - New Zealand
Children are missing out on positive male role models because of a shortage of men wanting to become teachers.

Bay schools have spoken out about their struggle to attract male teachers as local training centres record low numbers registering for courses.

The Bay of Plenty Times has learned of at least one primary school with no men on the teaching staff this year.

Hiring should favour male, minority teachers: Toronto school board

by Kate Hammer and Caroline Alphonso - The Globe and Mail
A Toronto District School Board memo to staff that included gender and race among qualifications that could win a candidate an interview for a teaching position has outraged some female teachers.

The memo, which was received by principals and teachers and obtained by The Globe and Mail, says that the qualities that could get a candidate an interview include being male or from a racial minority.

Study: Anxious times for male teachers in primary

By Henry Hepburn - TES in United Kingdom
Study reveals men's role is plagued by insecurities and contradictory perceptions

Male primary teachers are always in demand - but could that be for the wrong reasons? A research project has cast doubt on common assumptions about this rare breed: that their mere presence can improve behaviour; that boys desperately need them; and that they are somehow lacking if they do not race up the career ladder.

Lack of Male Teachers Detrimental to Kids' Development

by Liu Yunting - All-China Women's Federation
Scholars, heads of kindergartens and representatives from education departments concluded that the lack of male kindergarten teachers in China could be detrimental to the balanced development of children. The conclusion was made at an education seminar held in Hangzhou, capital city of eastern China's Zhejiang Province, on June 21, 2012.

Chinese political advisors demand more male teachers
Political advisors in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Sunday called for more male teachers to be recruited to elementary schools.

A current lack of male teachers in China's kindergartens, primary and middle schools weakens the chances of students receiving balanced education from teachers of both genders, local political advisors said at the annual session of Guangxi's political advisory body.

Scotland lagging in supply of male primary teachers

by Andrew Denholm - Education Correspondent - Herald Scotland
Statistics obtained by The Herald show the proportion of men trained as primary teachers in Scotland has dropped from 14% in 2007/09 to just 13% in 2010/11.

In contrast, the numbers trained in England have risen from 18% two years ago to 20% this year.

The decline in Scotland comes amid continuing concerns that there are not enough men entering the primary teaching workforce.

London Early Years - Men in Childcare Report

At London Early Years (LEYF), we have always been proud of our reputation for employing more male practitioners in our nurseries than is normally the case across the sector. We have also been a keen supporter of initiatives promoting the benefits of men in childcare, both in the UK and overseas. So we are particularly excited to be presenting our report "Men in childcare: Does it matter to children?

With Perks And Privileges, Tajikistan Seeks To Draw Male Teachers Back To Schools

By Zarangez Navruzshoh and Farangis Najibullah - Radio Free Europe
It's been less than a year since Sidiq Abdulloev got a job in a school in the southern Tajik town of Qurgon-Teppa.

But the 24-year-old teacher is leaving for Russia, swapping his chosen profession for manual work on a construction site or potato farm. The reason? Abdulloev says wages are unrealistically low in Tajik schools.

Could more men in childcare have a real and lasting effect on the inherent prejudices of society?

Was it fortuitous or bad timing that we launched the London Network of Men in Childcare amid the Jimmy Savile scandal, not to mention the misguided Philip Schofield/David Cameron television interview and the Newsnight debacle?

Increase in male trainee teachers in United Kingdom

Belfast Telegraph
Rising numbers of men are signing up to become primary school teachers, official figures show.

But the data, published by the Teaching Agency, also shows there has been a fall in the number of trainee maths teachers.

One in five of those on primary teacher training courses this year were male - about 4,100 men in total, according to the latest figures.

Two years ago, about 18% were men (3,470 in total), the data shows.

Why I became a teacher: I changed career to do something memorable

by Emily Drabble - The Guardian
I did psychology at Birmingham University, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My final year project was on dyslexia and I really enjoyed the time I spent in classrooms working on this but at that point I didn't think of teaching. When I left university I spent seven years working at John Lewis partnership. I spent much of my time there writing the partners' newsletter.
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