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Germany is spending loads of money to recruit male child care workers

Germany is spending loads of money to recruit male child care workers, launching expensive employment campaigns to attract more men into the profession. Many parents want their children to be educated by both men and women, but low wages mean efforts have met with little success so far.

Guido Höper hasn't finished his vocational training yet, but the 24-year-old has already been inundated with job offers.

Germany - The male kindergarten teacher

As Germany expands daycare provision for the nation’s children, one thing that is missing from the picture, all too often, are male teachers. Kate Hairsine tracked down some of the country’s rare male child care professionals.

Denmark: Training and education of men at a social policy level

by Dr. Ulla Gerner Wohlgemuth
[MenTeach: One of the presentations at the Berlin Conference was by Dr. Ulla Gerner Wohlgemuth who teaches at University College South Denmark.]

Rush of emotions for new male Emirati teacher in Abu Dhabi school

by Afshan Ahmed - The National
As children excitedly dragging their trolley bags towards their new classrooms at the Al Aasimah School today there was an adult experiencing a similar rush of emotions.

In his crisp white kandura, Ahmed Al Maamari stood out from the group of 62 teachers who welcomed pupils at the government school in the Al Shamkha area of the capital. The cycle two school teaches children between the ages of six and 12.

United Arab Emerate (UAE) study reveals men turning their backs on teaching

by Sean O’Driscoll - Dubai
School’s back but without the boys - research reveals males are turning their backs on teaching.

Male Emirati teachers face “prejudice, stereotyping and negative reactions” from friends and family, a study has found.

While female teachers enjoy a high status, men complain they are mocked and told to get a ‘real job’.

The 'manny' admitted to England's top nanny college

Norland College, an English school famous for producing the country's finest and most professional nannies, has opened its doors to its first fully matriculated (and second-ever) male student in the campus' 120-year history. Michael Kenny, 18, will join a class of 48 females at Norland, where he will study to become the first male to complete the education degree course.

Teacher's Day: 45% of teachers in Indian schools are women

by Hemali Chhapia - Times of India
In India, teachers form the third largest workforce among white-collared employees. A point to reflect on Teachers' Day, Wednesday, is that of the country's 64 lakh school teachers, 29 lakh are women.

The percentage of women teachers in schools has been increasing steadily in recent years. From 43.46% in 2008-09, it rose to 44.83% in 2009-10 and 45.51% in 2010-11.

Australian man: Founder of Males in Early Childhood Network Group

by Prakash Sharma
While most men think of joining industries where they can flourish and secure their future, this young man chose for childcare. No wonder, he was the single male member amongst a group of 100 females studying the concept at TAFE and university in Newcastle.

Interviews of “international experts” about men in early education

Over 20 experts about men in early education have provided an interview in preparation for the The International Conference "Men in Early Childhood Education and Care" on the 27th and 28th of September 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Bryan G. Nelson is quoted: "It's such a hopeful time for our work recruiting and retaining men to teach.

Men Rush to Sign Up as Primary Teachers

By Jenni Marsh - Express UK
The number of men training to be primary school teachers has increased by more than 50 per cent over the past four years in England, new figures reveal.

The growth rate is five times that for women, according to data from the Teaching Agency.

Interim chief executive Lin Hinnigan said: "Primary teaching is increasingly a career for the most able graduates.

It's child's play for men

by Sheila Wayman - IrishTimes
Getting a job in childcare was, says Mick Kenny, probably the best mistake he ever made. He wanted to work with children, but it was school-age youngsters he had in mind.

In fact, the Kilkenny man had a "phobia" of little children - a neighbour's small child was always bursting into tears at the sight of him.

Numbers of Manitoba (Canada) male child care workforce increasing

I just got these numbers (see below) from my contact within our Provincial government of Manitoba (Canada). I certainly am encouraged as the trend seems to be in an upward direction. The fact that our government even cares enough to keep these numbers is amazing in its own right.

Ron Blatz, Executive Director
Discovery Children's Centre Inc.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Innovators - Men in Child Care Conference in Scotland

A groundbreaking International Conference hosted by two of the World's most innovative projects. If we can create confidence in a child at an early age, if we can make childcare more adventurous, outgoing and jointly enjoyable, if we can provide a positive male role model, will this help in creating a more positive teenager/adult with an outlook far healthier than the one they have at present?

Edinburgh City Chambers
8 June 2012

Male teachers in Australia

by Katherine Danks - The Daily Telegraph
The number of male teachers has grown 25 per cent since 2001.

At the same time, the number of male teachers has dropped 2 per cent at the nation's public schools, Australian Bureau of Statistics figures reveal.

Schools have struggled to attract male teachers to the female-dominated profession.

Policies needed to employ men in ECE

by Krissy Dwyer - Education Weekly New Zealand
Employers and a lack of policy are to blame for the shortage of male teachers in early childhood education, says a leading ECE expert.

Dr Sarah Farquhar, the national coordinator of ChildForum, has spent many years researching the role of men in ECE.

She says there are plenty of men wanting to work in early childhood education, but the main barrier for them is to get a position in a centre.

Getting guys back into NZ education

by Vanessa O’Brien - Family Times
If you live in New Zealand, there is every chance that your child will not have a male teacher until they reach high school.

Startling. But is it important? Education Minister Hon Hekia Parata argues that it is the effectiveness of the teacher, rather than the gender of the teacher, that makes a difference to a child’s learning.

Male teachers finding more roles in private schools

by Breanna Tucker - The Sydney Morning Herald
Just like the rest of the nation, Canberra's non-government schools have proven they're outstripping the public sector in attracting male teaching staff.

Latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the ACT's non-government schools have recorded a 27 per cent increase in male teaching numbers since 1997 compared with an increase of just 1 per cent in the public sector.

Conference Success - More men in early childhood education in New Zealand

by Lin Ferguson - Wanganui Chronicle
A keynote speaker at the Early Childhood MenZ Summit in Wanganui said it was heartening to see that men are now realising a career in early childhood education is a viable option.

Dunedin Early childhood education lecturer Tagiilima Feleti said the number of men showing interest in early childhood education was growing rapidly.

Kindergartens encourage male teachers in New Zealand

Nelson Tasman Kindergartens are serious about attracting more men to early childhood education, following recent media reports identifying a lack of men in this area.

Nelson Tasman Kindergartens CEO Wendy Logan says it is a serious issue, especially as research shows that children learn the most from good role models.

German Coordination office Men in ECE Newsletter

by Dr. Tim Rohrmann - Coordination office men in ECE
The year 2011 has seen a rise in interest in the theme of gender balance in the ECEC work force, at least in Germany. We have now contact with experts from 19 countries worldwide who are interested in issues of gender and male/female workers in ECEC. With this newsletter, we inform about some previous and forthcoming events.

17 million dollars to Recruit More Men in Early Childhood Education and Care in Germany

In Germany, on 1st October 2010, the European Social Fund (ESF) programme "More Men in Early Childhood Education and Care" was launched. The three-year programme consists of 16 pilot projects in 13 federal states across Germany and has received a grant of 13 million Euros. The programme which will run until the end of 2013, will strive to find ways of recruiting more male educators for ECCE centres.

New Zealand - Men in Early Childhood Education Annual Summit 2012

The Annual National Gathering for men who work or study in Early Childhood Education.

Saturday 17th -Sunday 18th March 2012

Top Ten Motor Camp, Whanganui

Phone & Fax: 06 343 8402
Free Phone: 0800 272 664

If you know a man interested in, or thinking of working in ECE encourage him to attend.

Demand for male early childhood teachers cannot be met

While an increasing number of New Zealand families would like men to be teaching their under fives, the men are not there to be employed, says an early childhood organisation that represents 1100 centres nationwide.

Chief Executive of the Early Childhood Council, Peter Reynolds said today that early childhood centres would employ many more male teachers if such teachers existed. And he called for teacher trainers 'to get more active in the promotion of our sector to men'.

Blokes-in-kindy challenge

by Simon Wong - The Marlborough Express
Marlborough's only male kindergarten teacher is encouraging other men to "throw the stigma out the window" and join the profession.

Michael Clark, the head teacher at Springlands Kindergarten, said he wanted men to forget about what people might think about them being in early childhood education.

More male teachers are needed in Victorian schools to help boys perform better, a new teacher survey shows

by Samantha Maiden - Sunday Herald Sun
The survey shows teachers believe little is being done to address the performance gap between girls and boys.

The Sunday Herald Sun can reveal the findings of the latest Staff in Australia Schools survey, which asked more than 15,000 teachers and principals about their working conditions.

The report found fewer than one in five primary school teachers is male, with the number of female teachers rising in the 2010 survey to 81 per cent.

Male teacher 'only planned a small stint'

by Amanda Durry - Ashburton Guardian
Peter Harper moved to Methven with the intention of only staying a couple of years. Now, 31 years later, he's ended his career at Mount Hutt College and finds himself in a strange place - the job market. His departure isn't retirement; it's just a change of scenery. Mr Harper came from a teaching family - his mother taught English, his father taught mathematics.

A man in a female dominated profession in Vietnam

Tuoi Tre News
Tran Do Hoang Anh has been teaching preschool kids at Vanh Khuyen Kindergarten in Thu Duc District, HCMC for the last 7 years.

Tran Do Hoang Anh changes the common perception that only women can be preschool teachers.

Hoang Anh, who has been teaching preschool kids at Vanh Khuyen Kindergarten in Thu Duc District, HCMC for the last 7 years, is indeed a rare case.

Attracting More Men to Child Care - How to...and why you should

It's a well known fact: the vast majority of people working in child care are females. Figures from the ABS show that at least 95 per cent of the working population of child care workers are female.

Attracting men to the industry is difficult and complicated: there are issues surrounding parental suspicion of men and the idea that child care is 'women's work', the low pay and status of child care workers have also been identified as a deterrent.

58% rise in Welsh male graduates opting for teaching

by BBC
Wales has three times as many women teachers as their male counterparts and the gap is growing, says the General Teaching Council for Wales (GTCW).

The GTCW said the situation was worse at primary level where women teachers outnumber men by more than five-to-one.
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