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I just took a job with a Daycare, here in NY. Teaching at the ECE or Elem level is like winning the lotto. You just never know. It’s all about who reads your email and how the person views males with children. It just so happened with me, that this woman thinks having men work with children is a great thing and children need the balance.

The flip side is, I was called about sub positions available this week and the caller said “I have 1st and 2nd grade but you’re probably not interested in those.” Um hello… I’m CERTIFIED PreK-6. Talk about stereotype and now I know why I haven’t been getting calls. And one day, when I was taking over a 2nd grade classroom and the teacher said “I don’t like male teachers because the children listen to them more.

And if that’s not bad enough there was a local male elementary teacher molesting his students. He just plead guilty to 46 counts. It’s unreal; as if we don’t have enough of a stigmatization. I don’t know the answers– it’s quite sad that we can’t do what we are so passionate about– what is in our blood to do– and it’s even harder because the children LOVE having us around.