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Black male teachers pay tribute to their heroes: ‘They’re needed so much’

Black male teachers have often said that they are underrepresented in classrooms but the role models that exist have inspired others to become educators. Kurt Russell, who was recognized as the 2022 Teacher of the Year by the Council of Chief State School Officers, said the bug bit him when he had a Black male […]

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Editorial: School Dress Codes Often Target Girls. What Happens When Male Teachers Have to Enforce Them?

As a male special education teacher and IEP coordinator in a rural Missouri high school, Mike Ryan said he has to walk a “very fine line” discussing attire with female students. Enforcing the dress code is a standard part of his job as a teacher, Ryan said, and he only occasionally has to deal with […]

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Boys Aren’t Excelling in Schools. Would More Male Role Models in Early Learning Help?

Zachary Jackson thinks a lot about what his students may be learning from him in class. For some of his first graders in Atlanta, that goes beyond the actual academic lessons. They are also practicing how to be a man. For Jackson, the question of how to model manhood is an obsession, something he thinks […]

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From the past – Hawaii Conference

We had a meeting recently and Frances Carlson, both a friend and great author, reminded about a posting and video from 2008. The conference coming won’t be in Hawaii but it’s going to be a great time in Canada. See you there!

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