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Boys Are Struggling. Male Kindergarten Teachers Are Here to Help.

By Claire Cain Miller Boys are falling behind in school. They are less likely than girls to be ready for kindergarten. They read at lower levels. They graduate from high school at lower rates. This gender gap in education has significantly widened just in the last generation. One group is uniquely positioned to help put […]

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New Zealand: Male trainee teacher wants more men in ECE

By Wynsley Wrigley – The New Zealand Herald Gisborne man DJ (Donald) Sowerby is breaking gender barriers by becoming an early childhood teacher. Half of New Zealand’s population are male but only 3 per cent of early childhood education (ECE) teachers are men. Sowerby never imagined he would choose to work in ECE but now, […]

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Black Teachers Have the Highest Morale. Why?

Black teachers have one of the highest rates of turnover in the profession—yet new survey data show that they also have the highest job-related morale. As district leaders and policymakers work to diversify the teaching profession, the tension between those two trends is a central piece of the puzzle. Black teachers, who make up just […]

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