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The gender gap in Irish education at its widest for 50 years

Women made up 74 per cent of teachers in 2011, up from 63 per cent in 1961 [Editor: This is article from 2014] The widening gender gap in the teaching profession over the past 50 years is highlighted in CSO census data. In the 1961 census 63 per cent of people who recorded their occupation […]

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Why are so few Black men teachers in New York City?

Black students make up around a quarter of the city’s more than one million public-school pupils. However, Black instructors are disproportionately underrepresented among the faculty who teach them. Only 19% of educators in New York City’s public schools are Black—and only 4% of the city’s educators are Black men. The scarcity of Black men is […]

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Black Boys Need Black Men in the Classroom

The experiences we have in childhood often impact the lives we live. I know that one such experience altered the trajectory of mine, fueling two passions – my love of teaching and my love for animals. It happened decades ago at Kester Avenue Elementary School while I was a student. More than twenty years have […]

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