About Us

Founded in 1979, MenTeach is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to:

Increase the number of men teaching in the field of education to help improve boys’ and girls’ academic and social success.


  • Increase to fifty percent the number of men teachers teaching in early, elementary and high schools;
  • Improve the academic achievement of high school students, particularly boys, through innovative male mentorship programs;
  • Recruit boys and men into the field of education through program collaborations with local, state, and national organizations that encourage and support male teachers;
  • Provide consultation to high-schools, colleges, and universities to recruit and retain men in the field of education;
  • Consult with colleges and universities to develop teacher training programs on gender equity and the development of gender-equitable curricula;
  • Help eliminate barriers within educational systems to promote educational success;
  • Encourage and support men already teaching to continue in the profession;
  • Serve as a think tank and clearinghouse for research and policy analysis in the area of boys’ and girls’ academic achievement and men teaching;
  • Provide trainings, workshops, conferences and retreats for both men and women interested in men teaching.