What We Do


MenTeach offers one place to find and exchange information and resources about men teaching.

  • If you are a teacher you’ll find the latest information about other men teaching.
  • If you are an administrator or principal you’ll find best practices for supervising and supporting male teachers.
  • If you are a student you’ll find a comprehensive list of articles and books about men teaching. If you are a researcher, we offer a network of academics to exchange information.
  • If you are a reporter you’ll current data about the percentage of men teachers and contacts for interviews.


MenTeach provides consultation for Recruitment, Teacher Training and Educational Systems Change.

  • We consult with colleges and universities to develop teacher training programs on gender equity and the development of gender-equitable curricula.
  • We provide training and workshops to high schools, universities and colleges to recruit and retain men in the field of education.
  • We work with early and education communities and schools (both public and private) to develop programs for both the students, teachers, school guidance counselors and principals to develop programs to recruit and retain more men in children’s lives.
  • We seek out and offer models of programs that have the best practices for working with schools, colleges and university communities.

Finally, MenTeach recruits boys and men into the field of education through program collaborations with local, state, and national organizations that encourage and support male teachers.


MenTeach offers the latest research findings about men working with children. Every year we compile and analyze data about men teaching. We also conduct research about the importance of men teaching.