Rodney West – Advocate for young children

Rodney West has been an advocate for young children for almost 40 years. He worked in the Early Childhood field as an Assistant, Teacher Resource Teacher, and Administrator. Rodney currently works as an administrator with San Diego Unified School District. He holds degrees in Child Development, Criminal Justice, and Business. His favorite pastime is coaching various youth sports, gardening, genealogy, drumming, and singing in choir.

Rodney is a co-facilitator for Men in Childcare of National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and a board member for California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC) and San Diego Association for the Education of Young Children (SDAEYC). He currently is chairperson for the Diversity-in-Action committee of CAEYC. Rodney West has presented workshops at local, state, and national AEYC conferences in reference to Men in Child Care and Diversity. He has previously been a mentor of a Rites of Passage program for young males. Rodney is currently an ordained Elder with his Presbyterian congregation where he spearheads community outreach.

Rodney is an individual who continues to fight and advocate for justice on behalf of all young children and families. Making the world a better place than inherited is always the vision for Rodney. It is important that his daily walk aligns with is articulated vision. He was given the name of Solwazi Anumattu by the Elders in his community a few years ago. His name means “He is Knowledge” and “He who walks in the way he talks.” His favorite symbol is the ancient Sankofa bird that hovers over the universe. Sankofa is destined to “Correct which has not been done.” Rodney also concedes to the words of Marian Wright Edelman; “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”