Working at mom’s daycare

by Daniel in Montreal, Canada

My name is Daniel, I will be 14 years old in November. I worked at my mom’s Daycare over the summer months as  a helper to the Educators working with the five year old age group.

I enjoyed teaching new games as my mom calls “rough play” with the groups. The children’s favorite games were soccer and freeze tag. My favorite game was, during free gym time, the kids ran after me with a huge red ball the size of two children put together, so I started pushing back and more and more kids joined in to push the ball at me.  I pushed the ball back at them, they bounced off the ball, laughing and smiling and running back at the ball pushing me, wanting more.

I enjoyed my experience at the Daycare because I felt I made a difference in their day. I also liked to see the kids faces and hear their requests to play more games with me.

Maybe, next summer I again, will work at Little Learners Daycare.