Men in the Classroom, Gender Imbalances in Teaching (2005)

by Sheelagh Drudy

The authors of this groundbreaking book have undertaken the largest, most in-depth study ever carried out on this topic, to assess both teachers and students’ views across primary education. Radical and social change are inevitably called upon in order to increase the proportion of men entering the primary teaching profession, but many short-term and more achievable strategies are also suggested here that could be implemented by policy makers and senior managers quickly and effectively.

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Men on a Mission: Valuing Youth Work in Our Communities

by William Marsiglio

The first comprehensive study of men who work and volunteer with kids in a variety of public settings. This engaging book brings to life diverse histories and experiences of men who have worked as coaches, teachers, youth ministers, probation officers, Big Brothers, Boys & Girls Club staff, 4-H agents, and the like.

Situating men’s youth work in historical perspective and discussing the status of youth today, this original and groundbreaking analysis offers a forward-looking vision for getting men more involved in helping kids thrive.

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MenTeach Organizing Manual for Retreats

By Bryan G. nelson

One key way to support the few men who currently work with children and families is to have the men meet as a group. Throughout history, organizations have used retreats as a way to organize and strategize about their common vision.

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Real Men or Real Teachers? (2001)

by Paul Sargent Ph.D.

What do men in American society experience as they attempt to lead gender atypical lives? Sargent addresses this question and others in this outstanding book about male elementary teachers. Sargent interviewed 35 men, ages ranging from early twenties to late fifties, who made up three percent of the teachers in selected K-3 public school districts. A lengthy bibliography and index encourage further research.

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The Last Nine Months: Putting on My Last Diaper in Family Child Care (2003)

Manuel Kichi Wong

What! A single man working with young children, changing diapers, cooking meals, and providing educational activities with children from 14 months-4 years old? Can a man do this all by himself? After many years working in a classroom with young children and studying early childhood education, I decided to open my own family child care.

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Think You Can Teach?: A Survival Guide for New Middle School Teachers

by Leon Avrech

Everything you wanted to know about middle school but were afraid or didn’t have time to ask. This book takes you from the time you were hired to your evaluation. Real stories and real events to help you succeed. You’ll be inspired and excited to teach.

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