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Winston-Salem State University Real Men Teach

Real Men Teach (RMT) is a multifaceted academic program instituted during the 2007-2008 academic year for emerging teacher leaders.  Its purpose is to attract, prepare, and encourage more young men to enter the teaching profession.  Through personal professional development activities, support services, individual mentoring, exposure to the education field, and limited financial support, members of RMT are engaged in multipl

Book: Men, Masculinities and Teaching in Early Childhood Education - International perspectives on gender and care

Edited by Simon Brownhill, Jo Warin, Inga Wernersson
This stimulating book sets out to critically explore the notion of men, masculinities and teaching in early childhood education. It addresses the global pattern of gender, teaching and care where men are in the minority, and explores the notion that the greater involvement of men within teaching and associated professions has the potential to transform gender relations for future generations.

More men make the grade as teachers in Halifax

A growing number of men are opting for careers as primary school teachers, according to a Brighouse-based specialist education recruitment agency.

Latest figures from Provide Education show that 15 per cent of the teachers they now place in primary school jobs across the region are men.

College program helping African-American males become teachers

By Brittany Jones - WJAX TV
There is a new push from a local college to get more teachers inside local classrooms.

The "Call Me Mister" program at Edward Waters College is designed to get more African-American men in schools as teachers.

"It's pretty much a big game-changer in my life," said Bernard Agurs, the first "Call Me Mister"graduate.

Soon he'll be changing the lives of students.

From mentor to certified teacher, Agurs says he learned one thing is essential.