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Get Paid: Need photographs of men teaching

by Don Piburn - MenTeach Hawai'i
Derry Koralek, the Chief Publishing Officer at NAEYC is looking for your photos of male (and female) teachers.  In her email to the M.E.N. Interest Forum below, she notes that submitting photos to NAEYC could be a way to raise funds for special projects.  Here is the link to NAEYC guidelines for any interested photographers: http://www.naeyc.org/publications/forauthors/photoguidelines

MenTeach E-News - March 2014

MenTeach E-News
March 2014

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4) Men in Early Childhood Education at the World Forum 2014 in Puerto Rico
5) Canadian teacher puts his best foot forward
6) Early years development: Why it is a job for the boys
7) St. Louis Teacher of the Year
8) TEACH Campaign Seeking Minority, Male Teachers
9) Comic: The issues of being a male preschool teacher
10) A man's world in Australia

A man's world in Australia?

by Nicole Chettle for the Midday Report
Climbing the corporate ladder can be tough, especially if you're a woman, but there are an increasing number of men finding it hard to break into traditionally female-dominated professions.

There's vigorous debate about whether there should be quotas to boost their numbers on boards and, as advocates continue to seek a fair go for females, what happens to men in jobs dominated by women?

Comic: The issues of being a male preschool teacher

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This is just one of the many things I dealt with as a male preschool teacher. I'm thinking about starting a webcomic series about my time as a teacher...