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MenTeach E-News - November 2018

MenTeach E-News
November 2018

1) Scholarships for Minority Males in California
2) Male Teachers: How to Teach Boys to Be Better Men
3) In China: Must Your Teacher Be Like You?
4) British College celebrates first male graduates in 126-year history
5) MenTeach - New England Meeting
6) £50,000 fund has been announced to help boost the number of men working in Scotland childcare
7) Men who care: attracting men into the caring professions
8) Bemidji Area Schools might 'grow' its own teachers

Bemidji Area Schools might 'grow' its own teachers

Bemidji Area Schools leaders are considering ways to help existing staff become classroom teachers.

2018 M.E.N. Interest Forum - National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Awards

2018 NAEYC M.E.N. Interest Forum Champion for Men and Children Award

Men Teaching: In the Face of Adversity

by Lucas Eide - University of Wisconsin - Stout
After finishing up my student teaching placement and having time to reflect on all the challenges, accomplishments, peaks and valleys, I realized never to judge something before you get the chance to experience it. When I found out that I would be doing one of my student teaching placements in a four-year-old kindergarten classroom, I immediately had mixed emotions.