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Call Me MISTER to participate in U.S. Department of Education summit on teacher diversity

by Michael Staton - Eugene T. Moore School of Education
The United States Department of Education has invited representatives of Call Me MISTER to attend the National Summit on Teacher Diversity on May 6 in Washington, D.C. The summit invites participants from programs across the nation to expand and deepen the understanding of the issue of diversity in the teaching profession.

Male early childhood educators

by Heather Bryan - Red & Black
When people think about preschool or elementary teachers, usually women come to mind. Characters such as Ms. Honey from “Matilda” or Ms. Crabtree from “Little Rascals” are the widely accepted norm regarding childhood educators.

Community College Receives $285,000 to Research Recruitment of Male Educators in Pre-K Classrooms

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) has received a $285,000 award from the Foundation for Child Development (FCD) to examine the recruitment, retention, professional development and mentoring of male educators in the New York City Universal Pre-Kindergarten system.

Record number of men sign up for childcare courses in Australia

by Tarik Elmerhebe - Macarthur Chronicle Campbelltown
Times are definitely changing with a record number of men studying childcare at TAFE SWSi in Campbelltown this year.

A total of 18 men are studying early childhood courses with the aim of securing a position in what is traditionally a female-dominated industry.

The number makes up a whopping 80 per cent increase in male students from last year to this year at the Campbelltown TAFE.