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2015 MenTeach-New England Emerging Professional Award

Do you know a man in early childhood education who meets these criteria?

Diversity in the Classroom: How to Solve the Black Male Teacher Shortage

By Tracy Jarrett - NBC news
America's K-12 students have never been more diverse, with students of color now outnumbering white students. But that diversity ends at the front of the classroom.

Don's Column: The Velcro Child

by Donald E. Piburn, M.S.Ed - MenTeach - Hawaii
[MenTeach: Don Piburn has be working in early education for years. He has been instrumental in recruiting and retaining men teachers through his work in Hawaii hosting MenTeach retreats, serving on the AEYC affiliate board and being a founding father of the World Forum Men in Early Childhood Education (MECE). These articles were written 10 years ago and are still relevant to our work today.]

Some Percentages of Men in Education are increasing.

MenTeach: One of the interesting things about working for many years on an issue is that you can watch for trends and changes. We are noticing some changes in the percentage of men going into education. Below is the 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics data about some education jobs. If you compare the percentages and numbers from 2012 to 2013 there is a significant increase in percentage of Assistant Teachers. In 2012 the percentage of men was 8.9% in 2013 it was 10.8%. Elementary & Middle school has increased from 18.6% to 19% in 2013.