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MenTeach E-News - November 2015

MenTeach E-News
November 2015

1) Florida Works To Retain, Recruit Male Teachers
2) Seeking ShaQuan: A Call for Increased Male Presence in Public Education
3) NAEYC Video: The Power of Men in Early Childhood Classroom
4) Rapper Jahi Educates in the Classroom and From Behind the Mic
5) Male Teachers in great demand
6) Bryan Nelson - MenTeach wins award
7) New Push to Hire Male Teachers of Color
8) 2015 Winners of the NAEYC M.E.N. Interest Forum Awards
9) A Man in Education: Living a Double Life

England national men in early years conference launches in 2016

by Rosie Bernard - Nursery World
Held in Southampton next February, the conference will also introduce a charter for early years settings that welcome male practitioners.

Currently less than 2 per cent of the early years workforce is male and the aim is to build up a national resource bank to lobby the Government to encourage men to enter the profession.

A Man in Education: Living a Double Life

by Jake Pollock U of Wisconsin - Stout Student
Double Life – noun - a completely separate way of life that you have some of the time and keep secret from other people. – Macmillan Online English Dictionary.

2015 Winners of the NAEYC M.E.N. Interest Forum Awards

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Men in Education Network (M.E.N.) Interest Forum gives out two awards each year at the national conference. The first is the Champion for Men and Children Award which goes to a man, woman or organization that has made significant contribution to furthering our efforts to increase the number of men working with children.