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Why let the facts get in the way of a good story? Women will always be blamed for boys' underachievement

by Ann Mroz - TES
Teachers, as we know all too well, are to blame for everything.

Society piles up all its ills at their door -- and then buggers off on a cheap holiday in term time. And female teachers, it seems, are the devil’s work.

What’s sex got to do with it? The preparation of elementary male teacher candidates

by Shartriya Stewart, Letoynia Coombs & Betty Burston
This paper examines the experiences and outcomes of male teacher candidates in the College of Education at a large university in California.


Survey: Dispositions that engage young children in their learning

by Dr. Jill Klefstad - UW Stout
Dear Educator of Young Children,

You are invited to participate in a brief (5-10 minute) survey related to teacher dispositions that engage children in learning that is being conducted by Dr. Jill M. Klefstad, the ECE faculty and program director at UW-Stout.

You were selected to participate in this study because you belong to one of the following groups: pre-service student in teacher education, student teacher, or classroom teacher of 4K, Kindergarten and First-Third grade classrooms.

The importance of male teachers

by Lisa Kadane - Todays Parent
My daughter Avery's grade five teacher is a bit of an anomaly. Students build different models of paper airplanes to test hang time during the unit on aerodynamics. The kids help choose and order school supplies as an exercise in budgeting and mathematics.