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Why Don’t More Men Go Into Teaching?

by Motoko Rich - New York Times
As Tommie Leaders, 22, approached college graduation last spring, his professors told him he would have no trouble getting hired. “You’re a guy teaching elementary, ” they said.

Mr. Leaders, who earned his education degree from the University of Nebraska in June, started teaching fifth grade last month in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is the only male teacher in the building.

Wichita State University’s online survey

Dr. Saymn - Wichita State University
I am conducting a study on men and women who teach to see if there is a difference in perceptions of caring between those who teach in special education versus those who teach in a general education environment.

Gentlemen, Preschool Is Calling

by Matt Collette - National Public Radio (NPR)
Glenn Peters knew he would be in the minority when he started training to teach preschool as part of New York City's rollout of universal pre-K, the largest such initiative in the country. But he didn't realize just how rare men are in the profession until he attended a resume-building workshop for aspiring pre-K teachers.

More men seeking 'manny' work due to lousy economy

Greg Carroll left his job as an executive chef in 2009, when  his boss asked him to slash his 500-person staff by half. Since then, Carroll has done some catering, some consulting and some cooking in private homes. But full-time work has proven elusive.