Men's Stories

Peter Tabichi - The 2019 Global Teacher Prize winner

by Global Teacher Prize in Kenya
Peter Tabichi is a science teacher and Franciscan Brother who gives away 80% of his monthly income to help the poor.  His dedication, hard work and passionate belief in his student's talent has led his poorly-resourced school in remote rural Kenya to emerge victorious after taking on the country's best schools in national science competitions.

His win was announced at the Global Education and Skills Forum on 23th March 2019

Spotlight on Derrick Vestal - Molding young lives is his calling

by Gabriel Garcia in Athens, TN - USA
Spotlight on Derrick Vestal - Molding young lives is his calling

While going through Lee University to become a teacher, Derrick Vestal's initial path was like that of most men looking to enter the profession.

But, the former McMinn County High School starting quarterback soon realized something.

Rodney West - Advocate for young children

Rodney West has been an advocate for young children for almost 40 years. He worked in the Early Childhood field as an Assistant, Teacher Resource Teacher, and Administrator. Rodney currently works as an administrator with San Diego Unified School District. He holds degrees in Child Development, Criminal Justice, and Business. His favorite pastime is coaching various youth sports, gardening, genealogy, drumming, and singing in choir.

One Man's Early Childhood Education Journey from 1976 to 2016

by Ronald Viafore in St. Augustine, Florida - USA
After graduating with a BS in Early Childhood Education (I was one of three men in the early childhood department at a state university in Connecticut), I remember the day when I got my first teaching job - teaching in a multi-aged primary Open Classroom. Many of you have probably never heard of Open Classrooms. Think of a gymnasium where there are four different classrooms, one classroom in each corner. Can you see that? No walls – no privacy- no way to hide your mistakes. That was my first teaching experience.

Paul Szetela - A pioneer in Early Education

Head Start Teachers and child care workers mourn the death of Paul Szetela long time ABCD Education Supervisor and trainer for the Boston Head Start. He was a teacher as well as an adminstrator. He had attended early meetings of men and child care groups in the 1990s.

In the past few years he has been teaching Early Childhood education at Urban College, where he encouraged thousands of students to be quality teachers and caregivers. He was a pioneer and leader for men in early education in the Boston area.

A report from a man teaching in Puerto Rico

by Angel G. Mercado in Puerto Rico
I became a first grade teacher about three years ago at the elementary school Rafael Qui–ones Vidal in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

I worked for two years at different positions in the school. I worked in Kindergarten, English and Title I in Math.

My mother has been a big influence in my love for pre-schoolers and first graders because she is a retired kindergarten teacher.

Matthew Proctor

My daughter has attended the Mesa Child Development Center (MCDC) since Summer 2011; she'll be leaving for kindergarten in the Fall. She told me that she doesn't want to go to kindergarten, because she'll miss Mr. Matty (Matthew Proctor), her teacher at MCDC. She said that although she'll turn 5 on her upcoming birthday, she wants to turn back to 4 on the next one!

More men applying: Meet Donnie Dupree

by Kimberly Primicerio - in Meriden, CT - USA
Donnie Dupree is not your typical elementary school teacher. For starters, he’s male.

Dupree is a first-year kindergarten teacher. He taught in the district last year as a long-term substitute in the first grade and was hired at the end of last year to teach at Israel Putnam School. He’s the district’s only male kindergarten teacher.

“They’re so enthusiastic,” Dupree said about teaching small children. “They’re excited to learn and they want to learn.”

Man that loved teaching young children

by Craig Simpson - MenTeach - New England in Boston, MA
He was a peace activist, avid recycler, hiker, proud grandfather, deli food loved, founder of a shelter for homeless, war tax resister, Jewish Unitarian, and an early educator.

Like so many men who teach young children, he had many interests but as a former co-teacher of his said, "His real love was for the children he worked with."

Dwayne Nunez - emerging leader

by Craig Simpson - MenTeach - New England in Boston, MA
Dwayne was first trained to be a Playmaker in 2006, when he was a preschool teacher at Jamaica Plain Head Start. At the time, Dwayne was trained to use transformative play to build stronger relationships with his students and help heal and strengthen them as well. More specifically, he learned how to incorporate joy, social connection, internal control, and active engagement into his everyday work, routine, curriculum, environment, and interactions with colleagues and children alike to help build a fun, loving, creative classroom and school community.