Frequently Asked Questions

This link goes to the most Frequently Asked Questions (often referred to as FAQ). Do you want to know why you should be a teacher? What about supervising a male teacher? You can read about what most people are asking about men teaching and find simple answers.

Find & Keep a Job as a Teacher

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Financial Resources & Programs for Men Teaching

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How to Become a Teacher

What are the steps to becoming a teacher? Read some of the stories and links for getting your start working with children.

Data about Men Teachers

How many men teach? How have the number increased or decreased? What is the history of men teaching?

Key Articles

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Have you seen a good movie about men teaching. There are many of them. Take a look and see if you recognize any of them or have you seen them?


This is a bibliography of books about men teaching children and also boys and role models. If you have a suggestion, be certain to send your citation with a brief description or abstract.