Frances Carlson - Chattahoochee Technical College - GA - USA

I have a male student in a curriculum development class. One of the class assignments was to evaluate a child’s portfolio. The child was identified as “Chase” but no teacher name or identity was given.

I was just reading this male’s student’s evaluation, and throughout his narrative, he referred to the teacher as “he.” I’ve never had this happen! Female students always refer to the teacher as “she” and every male student I’ve ever had has referred to the teacher as “she.” This is a break-through!

I’ve gone into the computers in our classroom and put pictures of male teachers on each of their desktops so that they show all the time the computers are on but not in use.

Maybe seeing all those images has helped him identify himself as a viable teacher and helped him refer to teachers as “he.”

Who knows… I just thought it was a very cool thing and wanted to share it!