MenTeach – E-News – December 2009

1) Boys look to male teachers for guidance 2) Another man teaching even younger children in Vietnam 3) 4th Men in Early Childhood Education Summit 2010 in New Zealand 4) Would you hire a male nanny? [Correction] 5) Students doing research: Title IX and men in teaching 6) Can men really work with toddlers? 7) […]

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Career changers wanting to going into teaching

Yes. It’s a very tight economy. And many school districts and programs are laying off and not hiring. But teaching still remains a good place to work. In the next few years, we will see a large percentage of teachers retiring. It probably would have happened sooner except for this “don’t call it a depression” […]

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Reader’s Comments about why so few male teachers

[MenTeach: One of our readers, Mr. Philllip, forwarded this interesting commentary about a newspaper article about men teaching. Thanks Phil.] Male Teacher Levels Hit 40-Year Low; NY Elementary Teachers Only 9% Male Matthew K. Tabor reviews an article by Ernst Lamothe Jr. of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports that the number of male teachers […]

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Balance sought in elementary schools staffed almost completely by women

Student masterpieces hang on a string along the ceiling of a Camarillo classroom, colorful posters of block letters and numbers fill the walls, and a drove of stuffed sea creatures lie on top of a kid-sized bookcase. They’re typical finds in a kindergarten classroom, but this room at University Preparation School also has something a […]

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Mums want more male nursery staff

Parents are calling for a fresh recruitment drive of male teachers as a survey shows most children from single mother households have little contact time with a male role model. Single mothers expressed concern about their children having little contact with men in a caring capacity. A majority said they would like a man to […]

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Parents want to keep a male teacher

[MenTeach: We’ve been asked to remove any identifying information from this article because the teacher – two and a half years later – is having a difficult time securing a job and our article comes up in the search. The hopeful part is that so many parents value and appreciate him. The important part is […]

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