Editorial: He’s An Elementary School Teacher, And He’s Explaining Why Men Don’t Exactly Want To Go Into This Profession

Have you ever noticed that most of your child’s elementary school teachers are female? What is the reason for that? Well, TikTok elementary school teacher @mr.trayvon is breaking down the reasons why he believes the profession is lacking in male school teachers. “Y’all know why not a lot of men are teaching in elementary schools?” […]

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Australia: Where are all the male teachers and nurses?

We know there needs to be more women in senior corporate and political positions, but gender equality should also include teaching and nursing. NAPLAN results show that boys are performing poorly at school. Among the many reasons is the need for more male teachers, especially at infant school level where men make up less than […]

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More men working in child care in Norway, Germany and USA

Norway Norway has 10% men in ECEC now. The topic is discussed in the media again, after publication of a new book by Kari Emilsen & co-authors. In Norway, men in ECEC has been a success story, but in the past years the government has not developed any new initiatives. The authors conclude: “If we […]

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How much do male teachers matter?

We evaluate equity-efficiency trade-offs from admissions quotas by examining effects on output once beneficiaries start producing in the relevant industry. In particular, we document the impact of abolishing a 40% quota for male primary school teachers on their pupils’ long-run outcomes. The quota had advantaged academically lower-scoring male university applicants, and its removal cut the […]

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Most Texas teachers are white. Most students aren’t. Here’s why that’s a problem

From pre-kindergarten through high school, Omar Marquez only had one teacher who looked like him. Now that he’s an educator himself, Marquez knows he’s one of the only Hispanic male teachers many students at his school will ever see. Marquez is a restorative practices coach at Applied Learning Academy, a middle school in the Rosemont […]

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Brent Oberlin is teaching life and academic lessons through sports at Carver Elementary

Brent Oberlin says his students are like his family. “They really become my children. I have 24 in there. I have one at home but I have 24 in there,” Oberlin said. Oberlin moved from Michigan to Bryan County and teaches at Carver Elementary School. He says he enjoys living and working in the area. […]

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