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Conference: A Man For All Reasons

On Monday, April 15, 2024, at 8:30 AM, we will kick off this empowering event in the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Men and women from all walks of life are invited to participate and share their experiences, stories, and perspectives on caregiving. Throughout the day, we will hold engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and […]

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Less than 1% of preschool teachers in Singapore are men – this 24-year-old male teacher asks, ‘Why?’

Andre Joachim Fernandez is 24 years old. He loves drums, football and Spiderman. He is also a preschool teacher at Star Learners Child Care, taking care of more than 20 young children aged between five and six. Yes, he’s a guy’s guy in the traditionally female-dominated world, this one being early childhood education. In Singapore, […]

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England: Can we double the number of men in childcare?

Just 3 per cent of the Early Years workforce are men – but London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) is bucking the trend with over 8 per cent of their workforce being male. LEYF actively recruits men and values the dynamic they bring to children’s experience during early childhood. The aim is to have at least […]

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Korean Schools Run out of Male Teachers

Schools in Korea are facing a serious shortage of male teachers as the job loses prestige and allure. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, a mere 11 out of 114 people who passed the exam for elementary teachers this year were men. It was the first time that the proportion fell below one […]

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Global teacher shortage easing, but more needs to be done – UNESCO report

The world’s schools need 44 million teachers that are needed to achieve the goal of providing primary and secondary education for all by 2030, new data shows. In a new analysis published on World Teachers’ Day 2023, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) found that the shortage has been reduced from 69 […]

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More male teachers in Jamaica needed to boost boys’ performance, educators say

The lack of significant male representation in the classroom is among several issues being highlighted as contributing to the continuation of primary school girls outperforming boys in exit exams. Education Minister Fayval Williams pointed to the relevant statistics in this year’s PEP (Primary Exit Profile) results during a press conference on Friday. Mrs Williams said […]

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