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Postcast: Why are we losing so many male primary school teachers in Australia?

The most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals that the male primary school teacher rate has now fallen below 18% for the first time in our nation’s history. Former teacher and now CEO of Real School Adam Voigt reveals the real fears male teachers now have when teaching young female students and how many […]

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“He Deserves It”: Cheers as Dedicated Nigerian Teacher Wins Cambridge Award

A Nigerian teacher, Akeem Badru, has been announced as the regional winner for central and southern Africa, of the Cambridge Dedicated Teachers Award. Correspondingly, Badru is in line for the overall winner honour of the 2023 Cambridge Dedicated Teachers Award, alongside 5 other regional winners, The Punch reported. Badru is a teacher in Ogun state, […]

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In Ireland teaching needs to be more ‘attractive’ profession for men

Department of Education Statistics have revealed that men make up only 20% of primary-level teachers in Ireland and Mary Immaculate College has launched a campaign to encourage more to enter the profession. Speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, the Education and Training Boards of Ireland General Secretary, Paddy Lavelle said: “The first challenge is to make it […]

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Do Britain’s schools need more male teachers?

There are calls for more men to get into teaching, as research shows around a quarter of state-funded schools in England don’t have a male classroom teacher. Some experts argue that it means young people could miss out on having male role models, but others say it’s the quality of the teacher that is important […]

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Male teachers are leaving the profession in Guyana because of the pittance given as salaries and increases

It is common knowledge that the teaching profession is one where the female gender is the majority, but have we ever really wondered why? I wish to share with readers one of the major reasons why males are leaving the teaching fraternity and are even hesitant in joining it. Fact is, having men as teachers […]

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