Editorial: I Finally Hired A Manny — Why Did It Take Me So Long?

I recently almost posted on social media “ISO a teen girl who wants to watch my four wild and hilarious sons for random date nights.” It makes sense. I myself babysat as a teenager, along with most of my friends, none of them boys. I was also obsessed, like any logical 90’s kid, with The […]

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Editorial: He’s An Elementary School Teacher, And He’s Explaining Why Men Don’t Exactly Want To Go Into This Profession

Have you ever noticed that most of your child’s elementary school teachers are female? What is the reason for that? Well, TikTok elementary school teacher @mr.trayvon is breaking down the reasons why he believes the profession is lacking in male school teachers. “Y’all know why not a lot of men are teaching in elementary schools?” […]

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4 Ways to Make Your School Better for Black and Brown Teachers

We need Black teachers. We need brown teachers. We need Indigenous teachers. We need more teachers of color across the board. More than half of public school enrollees are students of color, but teachers of color comprise roughly 2 in 10 of our teaching force. Diversifying our teaching force to match the demographics of our […]

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Opinion: What do early child care workers need? Better pay, more respect and a few good men

In an ideal world, early childhood education advocates wouldn’t need strategies for building respect for the profession. We wouldn’t need to develop arguments for why pre-K educators deserve better pay and working conditions — the country would just accept this as fact and make it happen. Yet, the reality is we must redouble our efforts […]

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Editorial: We Need More Male Teachers, and Boston College Can Help

As a young child, I couldn’t fathom the idea of men being teachers. As humans, we always look up to our elders as role models. And, other than our parents, which adults do kids spend the most time with? Teachers. But, boys don’t see nearly enough male teachers. Female teachers outnumber male teachers three to […]

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Editorial: Children need to see more male teachers in primary school

Ireland has one of the highest percentages of female primary teachers in the EU, at 85.8%. This skewed statistic highlights the cultural values that deter males from applying for a career teaching young children. I have first-hand experience working in a female-dominated profession as I trained as a nurse when I left school. Soon after […]

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