Building a Black Male Pipeline Into Public Education

South Side of Chicago-native Abdul Wright, grew up the oldest of several siblings. His family moved through low-income housing — at one point they found themselves in a homeless shelter. But Wright, who was named 2016 Minnesota Teacher of the Year, is a prime example of how an excellent education positively changes the outcome of […]

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Male teachers are leaving the profession in Guyana because of the pittance given as salaries and increases

It is common knowledge that the teaching profession is one where the female gender is the majority, but have we ever really wondered why? I wish to share with readers one of the major reasons why males are leaving the teaching fraternity and are even hesitant in joining it. Fact is, having men as teachers […]

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Male teacher breaks mold in early education sector in South Africa

Growing up without a father, Eastern Cape education expert Obakeng Kagola recognised the importance of male role models in early childhood and has dedicated his career to creating equitable space for them in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector. Kagola, a lecturer in ECD at Nelson Mandela University’s education faculty, aims to change the perception […]

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South Carolina program aims to boost ranks of Black teachers

After a student in his classroom had yet another outburst, Tyler Wright couldn’t bear to see him get written up again. Wright, then a student teacher at a Charleston elementary school, led the child out to the hallway for a chat. Within minutes, the student started crying. “He was telling me that he really doesn’t […]

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Ireland – ‘A male carer can be just as safe, caring, and responsible’: Would you hire a male nanny?

International Nannies Week was celebrated recently and if ever there was a profession worth lauding, it’s this one. Every sticky, finger-squished chocolate biscuit, or slobbery kiss our hard-working nannies get is fully deserved. As they celebrate, there is a minority among their number who might be slightly more muted, particularly in Ireland. The male nanny, […]

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