MenTeach E-News – December 2013

MenTeach E-News December 2013 1) Teacher winner of a NZI Sustainable Business Network Award 2) Black male headteachers in England’s state schools number just 30 3) Black Male Teacher Stands For Aspiration, Support 4) Letter: From engineering to early education 5) Memoir of a male educator 6) ‘Mannies’ On The Rise In New Trends for […]

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Early childhood group for male educators in Wisconsin

Early childhood education has been a female-dominated profession for generations. According to 2011-12 National Education Association statistics, just 16.2 percent of elementary school teachers in the U.S. are men; in Wisconsin it’s 21.5 percent. In light of these facts, Jill Klefstad, associate professor and program director of the early childhood education program at University of […]

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Research: Why female teachers predominate in France

In France, male teachers are disappearing, especially in kindergartens and primary schools, where they now make up less than 18%. The percentage of male teachers is slightly higher in junior and high schools. This has been a trend for at least 60 years and at national level, only 30.8% of staff in public education are […]

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Out Of 1,883 Teachers, 56 Black Males

In his 14 years as a New Haven public-school student, Harold Cooper has never had a black male teacher. He’s not alone. Harold, a 17-year-old Hillhouse High School senior, said he feels black male teachers can “relate more to the students.” He doesn’t know for sure, because in all of his schooling since pre-K, he […]

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Where Are All the Caring Men?

For 25 years I worked as an artist in schools. Whilst doing this I was constantly being swamped, observed, followed and interrogated (in a nice way) by the children. At first I thought this was because I wasn’t a teacher, but I later realised it was also because I am a man. I am now […]

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‘Mannies’ On The Rise In New Trends for Child Care

Founder of ‘NYC Mannies’ says male babysitters do job just as well as a female nanny.

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