Few men choose classroom

Richard Muse was greeted with the same question repeatedly this summer during teacher orientation. “They said ‘Hey, what are you coaching?’ ” said the third-grade teacher. At Collierville Elementary, Muse, 23, is one of two male instructors. In a female-dominated profession, he is a rare and fading breed. With just one-quarter of the nation’s 3 […]

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December 2007 – MenTeach ENews

MenTeach News December 2007 1) Changing laws: Including gender in the definition Diversity 2) Male Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Gendering of Teaching? 3) The First Global Gathering of Men Teachers early bird deadline! 4) Some families are uncomfortable with male teachers – What do you do? 5) Dreams – A Langston Hughes Poem 6) Teacher of […]

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Where my boys at?

If you’re a male in a classroom, you’re probably a student and not a teacher. The number of male teachers has reached an all-time low, according to the National Education Association, whose numbers indicate only 1/4 of the 3 million teachers in the United States are male. According to the most recent ASU Institutional Analysis, […]

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Looking for a few good men

Male teachers are rare in U.S. elementary schools Most children go through elementary school under the charge of few if any male teachers, and local educators don’t like it. Historically, the number of female schoolteachers has overshadowed the number of male schoolteachers. In fact, the numbers aren’t even close. The National Education Association says the […]

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Including Men in Early Childhood Education: Insights from the European Experience

Abstract: The European Commission Network on Childcare introduced gender as an issue in early childhood services in Europe. In 1996 the Network set a target of 20% male workers in childcare that had to be reached by 2006. Several campaigns and interesting initiatives were set up and were successful in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK […]

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Male Teachers Wanted

Male teachers are on the decline, and needed more than ever in our local elementary schools. According to the National Education Association the number of male school teachers is hovering at a forty year low. And locally numbers are even lower then that. Superintendent Chuck Shackett of District 93, he says in grades kindergarten through […]

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