Job Opening: Part Time Preschool Teacher

Job Opening – Part Time Preschool Teacher Job duties: This is a part  time job  24.75 hours per week , in which you will be working with a co- teacher to care for children ages 2 – 5  years old in a center setting. Our preschool program is currently operating outside only, except for bathrooms, in […]

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Invitation to Participate in a Study

My name is Eliza McWilliams and I am an Ed.D. candidate at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. As part of my doctoral research, I am conducting a study on male teachers working in early childhood education (prekindergarten) in public schools. The study will focus on the problem posed by the lack of male […]

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Letter: A Mom needs some advice about her son

[MenTeach: We received this request from a mom. What advice would you give to her?] Hello, I am a owner of three childcare centers in [City] Michigan and have a son 28 years old that grew up in the childcare setting since he was born. He presently works in my home center and the parents […]

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Letter: Thank you for the 2018 NAEYC Award

To the members of the NAEYC Men in Education Network (M.E.N.): I’d like to send out a heartfelt Thank You to all of you for honoring me on Nov. 16 with this year’s Champion for Men and Children Award. It is a profound honor and privilege to know many of you  and to have worked with you over […]

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F2MTC Project – A community within a community

Through the many hats I wear for the department, I have been getting pretty well connected with the men in our program and they have been reaching out to me on a variety of issues. The F2MTC project has certainly raised my awareness of supporting the men in our program and I do not know if it […]

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Letter: My time as a male educator

Recently, The Daily Republic listed Bobby Reindl as one of two current Longfellow male elementary teachers. The pie graph showed that there are four other lower-level men in the district. Males breaking into the female elementary instructors’ domain has been going on in Mitchell for quite some time — 67 years in fact. I was […]

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