Scotland: Course launched in Moray to encourage men to consider career in childcare

A course is being launched in the north of Scotland specifically aimed at encouraging men to consider a career in childcare. Now Moray College UHI in Elgin has teamed up with the council to provide a course to meet the surge in demand. It is hoped that the initiative will tap into people considering a […]

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MenTeach E-News – January 2019

MenTeach E-News January 2019 1) For the first time in history the percentage of men in child care increases to highest level 2) Study: Male Teachers Are More Likely to Leave a School With a Female Principal 3) Study reports how race matters in the classroom 4) More diversity called for in New Zealand’s classrooms […]

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England: Why it’s hard being a male primary teacher

Men in primary schools put up with unfair comments about their health, appearance and career progress, says this teacher. Being a male primary teacher can sometimes be lonely. Around one in 10 primary teachers are male and at times you can find yourself as the only man in the staff room, perhaps even the first […]

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Letter: Thank you for the 2018 NAEYC Award

To the members of the NAEYC Men in Education Network (M.E.N.): I’d like to send out a heartfelt Thank You to all of you for honoring me on Nov. 16 with this year’s Champion for Men and Children Award. It is a profound honor and privilege to know many of you  and to have worked with you over […]

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Editorial: Men Students Experiencing the NAEYC 2018 Conference in Washington DC

Last month I had the privilege of presenting at the NAEYC conference in Washington D. C. What was even more of an honor and thrill was that I took two of our male students, Dylan and Andrew, to the conference. Together we presented our research about the dispositions men use to engage children in learning. […]

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For the first time in history the percentage of men in child care increases to highest level

MINNEAPOLIS) – MenTeach has announced for the first time in United States history, the percentage of men working in child care has increased to 6.3%. Since the 1970s the percentages have ranged from 2.1% to 5.9% but has only been above the 6% threshold once in 1975 at 6.2% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Education […]

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