Male teacher ‘only planned a small stint’

Peter Harper moved to Methven with the intention of only staying a couple of years. Now, 31 years later, he’s ended his career at Mount Hutt College and finds himself in a strange place – the job market. His departure isn’t retirement; it’s just a change of scenery. Mr Harper came from a teaching family […]

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Men in Early Childhood Education in Austria

Spring 2010: Recent News In Austria, public debate about Early Childhood Education and Care continues. Plans to offer at least the last year of pre-school education free of charge, as well as steps to raise vocational education from secondary to tertiary level, are in broad discussion now. Our research confirms the importance of looking at […]

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A man teaching Kindergarten in Wisconsin

Rocco Marchionda is a bit of an oddity. At a glance, his kindergarten classroom at Merrill Elementary School in Oshkosh looks like any other song-filled, activity-oriented room of 5- and 6-year olds. The unusual part is Marchionda himself: He’s a man. Teaching kindergarten. “Pretty much everyone I’ve ever worked with is female. I can’t imagine […]

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Male teacher bridges language gap

Brent Benkelman is unique among Kalispell’s public school teachers. For starters, he is the only male kindergarten teacher in Kalispell Public Schools. But Benkelman also has distinguished himself by learning enough Russian to communicate with students whose first language isn’t English. His first experience teaching a student whose first language was Russian happened two years […]

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A man in a female dominated profession in Vietnam

Tran Do Hoang Anh has been teaching preschool kids at Vanh Khuyen Kindergarten in Thu Duc District, HCMC for the last 7 years. Tran Do Hoang Anh changes the common perception that only women can be preschool teachers. Hoang Anh, who has been teaching preschool kids at Vanh Khuyen Kindergarten in Thu Duc District, HCMC […]

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Research about male teachers wanted

A researcher, David Brody, is currently writing a book about male preschool teachers in different societies. He is looking for a male teacher in the Detroit or Ann Arbor and Portland, Oregon area. If you live there and would be interested in participating in this important study, or if you know of someone who fits […]

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