Greenville actor named district Teacher of the Year

In his first year of teaching, actor Will Ragland could always count on a standing ovation in the Bryson Elementary School cafeteria. “You walk in, and it’s like Caesar coming home from a conquest,” Ragland told The Greenville News then, in a profile about male teachers entering the field through a program for professionals with […]

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In The Land Of Women: Being a Man in Early Childhood Education

About 5 years ago a movie starring Kristen Stewart, Adam Brody, and Meg Ryan came out called “In The Land of Women.” I have only seen a few parts of it while flipping through channels on cable, but the title of the movie has always stuck with me. Five days a week, I wake up […]

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Missing: male teachers

My 11-year-old son Tommy doesn’t particularly like math. He does, however, love his 6th grade math teacher. One big reason: His math teacher is male. This teacher is patient, creative and energetic, yes, but so are Tommy’s other teachers, who are all women. Tommy doesn’t worship them like he does his algebra teacher. This is […]

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London Early Years – Men in Childcare Report

At London Early Years (LEYF), we have always been proud of our reputation for employing more male practitioners in our nurseries than is normally the case across the sector. We have also been a keen supporter of initiatives promoting the benefits of men in childcare, both in the UK and overseas. So we are particularly […]

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Acclaimed South African Author: Teaching not just for women

Acclaimed authour, JM Coetzee received an honorary doctorate from Wits University, in The Great Hall on the university campus. Coetzee, a double recipient of the Booker Prize and a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, received a Doctor of Literature degree. Twenty years ago, if I had been standing on this platform addressing new […]

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Why Black/Latino Male Teachers aren’t as Effective in the Classroom…Yet

There’s plenty of discussion about the need for more black/Latino males becoming teachers, capped by a recent discussion by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in which he promoted a program (TEACH) to help improve those numbers. In Jacksonville, FL, for instance, The Achieve Instill Inspire Foundation is looking to encourage more black males as […]

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