Cincinnati man driving push for more Black and brown male educators in schools

There’s a push to put more Black and brown male educators in preschool, and the man leading that charge is Carlton Collins. Collins in the program manager for the Literacy Lab and the Leading Men Fellowship Cincinnati (LMFC). His passion for filling this gap started years before this first-of-its-kind program. He created the Morehouse Education […]

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Addressing the need: Efforts are underway to recruit and retain Black male teachers in Minnesota

James Cannon remembers being the only Black kid in a class of white kids. Not only that, but of all of his K-12 teachers, he distinctly remembers the two Black teachers because there were so few. It’s been proven that representation makes a difference in a child’s life. Studies looking at Black boys in the […]

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Keeping Black Men In Front Of The Class

Of all the teachers in the U.S., only 2 percent are black and male. That news is bad enough. But it gets worse: Many of these men are leaving the profession. Just last month, a new study found that the number of black teachers in the public schools of nine cities dropped between 2002 and […]

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Black male teachers unite to create rare occurrence at Philadelphia school

“I can just be myself and teach,” he said of the job he loves. Butler is among the only 2% of teachers who are Black men. He and three other Black male teachers made a conscious decision to join forces at MLK High School. Denzil Flemming teaches Algebra. Michael Flemming teaches African American history, and […]

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Grambling State University, in Louisiana, hosted first ever Call Me Mister Conference to develop more black male educators

Grambling State University hosted their first ever called me a mister conference the university’s black male teacher initiative of partner with Clemson university’s program where was first created to help develop and recruit more African American males answer the teaching profession. The program strives to increase the pool of available male teachers from a more […]

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New Jersey College Scholarship Aids Future Black Male School Teachers

“Across the country, about 20% of teachers are people of color, and Black men make up a mere 2% of all U.S. teachers,” said Sharon Harden, Pillar College Program Chair of Elementary Education. “In Newark, that percentage is slightly higher, around 8%”. That is still too low, and that is why Pillar College is on […]

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