Ontario Television panel discussion talking about men teachers

Watch the video panel discussion about men teaching and read the follow-up controversial comments at: Onatrio Televsion.

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Men in the classroom, teachers and role models

Being a male elementary school teacher sometimes carries with it the added responsibility of being a male role model. “For a lot of kids, I’m the only male they interact with on the daily basis,” said Ken Hamerlinck, first-grade teacher at Sheridan Elementary School, Bloomington. “You owe it to them to be a good role […]

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Complacency over current shortage of male teachers

Like many boys, my son has gone through his entire primary schooling without having had a male teacher. Does it matter? Do boys need male role models? Would he be a more rounded person, better able to fit into society, if he had the experience of both male and female teachers? Of course it matters. […]

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