Editorial: I am a man and I want to work with children.

As I enter my final semester of the Elementary Education MAT program at NC State University, I have found myself reflecting upon my experience and seeking to understand my journey as a man entering the field of EE.  I think back to the beginning – to when I was first deciding if teaching was right […]

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More diversity called for in New Zealand’s classrooms – but it’s not everything

Sean Dillon is a Pākeha male – but he’s in the minority. He is a school teacher – a field where three-quarters of the population are female. New Zealand has 55,020 registered teachers, as at April 2017 – 40,819 of these are women. That is almost three times the 14,201 male teachers educating our children. […]

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Study reports how race matters in the classroom

Race matters in the classroom, with black students who are exposed to a black teacher doing better in school, a new research report says. The paper, titled “The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers,” found “causal evidence” that black students who were randomly assigned to a black teacher were more likely to graduate and to enroll […]

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Study: Male Teachers Are More Likely to Leave a School With a Female Principal

Researchers at the University of Virginia and Northwestern University have found another wrinkle to add to the problem of teacher retention: Male teachers are leaving schools with female principals. The researchers analyzed New York state teacher retention data over a 40-year period, from the 1969-79 school year through 2009-10. In total, the data set included […]

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MenTeach E-News – November 2018

MenTeach E-News November 2018 1) Scholarships for Minority Males in California 2) Male Teachers: How to Teach Boys to Be Better Men 3) In China: Must Your Teacher Be Like You? 4) British College celebrates first male graduates in 126-year history 5) MenTeach – New England Meeting 6) £50,000 fund has been announced to help […]

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Bemidji Area Schools might ‘grow’ its own teachers

Bemidji Area Schools leaders are considering ways to help existing staff become classroom teachers. Under a set of long-term goals approved by the School Board on Monday, district staff might start a “grow your own” teacher program, which could help address a nationwide teacher shortage here and get more teachers of color—American Indians in particular—into […]

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