I’m a Black Teacher Who Works for a Black Principal. It’s Been a Game Changer

I’m a black male elementary teacher, and I’ve just finished my first year working for a black principal. It’s been incredible. I’m fortunate to have worked with school leaders of all races and genders. But perhaps because of his life experiences, my current principal has a certain mix of rare qualities that have created a […]

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No Man’s Land: Where Are the Male Daycare Caregivers?

A gender-segregated caregiving profession is not optimal for children. Most U.S. children today grow up in a dual ecology, spending significant time in both home and daycare. Child daycare in the U.S. is a messy hodgepodge of arrangements varying in quality, size, and scope as well as in their philosophies, goals, affiliations, and regulatory status. […]

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Whether Charter or Public, Schools Need More Black Male Teachers

Throughout my career as a Black male teacher, I’ve taught in district and charter schools. While many remain determined to highlight their differences, they’re one and the same when it comes to their failure to serve Black children and their inability to attract and retain quality teachers who look like them. Despite the fact that […]

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Editorial: Humble and Kind

Recently, I heard Tim McGraw’s new song, Humble and Kind. Typically I am skeptical of reading too much emphasis into the lyrics of songs but something about this song keeps tugging at my heartstrings. Take some time to listen to the song here. and feel free to read the lyrics here. According to the Urban Dictionary, the […]

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Do boys need more male teachers?

Children may have a hard time finding a male role model to look up to in the classroom. Statistics show women greatly outnumber men as educators, a trend that is seen in classrooms across Greater Victoria. Dave Eberwein, superintendent of the Saanich School District, recognises that students need to be able to relate to their […]

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Oh Boy! Strategies for Teaching Boys in Early Childhood

Oh Boy! suggests that many of the struggles young boys have in our early childhood programs and schools are not simply a result of bad behavior. Rather, boys struggle because of a much more fundamental problem: a mismatch between how most young boys develop, grow, and learn, and the kinds of expectations, outcomes, activities, and […]

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