MenTeach gets many e-mails from the media asking for help finding men.

Here’s one I thought some of you might be interested in or know someone who is.

It’s for a television show in the United States but I asked the producer if the person they are looking for can be from outside the USA and she said “yes.”

For your information – there is a current show called: SuperNanny – – she’s from the United Kingdom.

Are you a wizard with kids? Do you have a knack for getting unruly children to behave? Ever wanted to host your own series?

New TV show is looking for males to help parents with out-of-control kids bring sanity back into there homes. If you have a background in child rearing (ie:teacher, nanny, stay-at-home Dad, child behavior expert) please contact us.  Include in your email a recent photo of yourself, your experience, and a short paragraph on what makes you unique.