Sakire Anliak & Derya Sahin Beyazkurk

While, in some professions, the gender balance seems to be changing in the direction of equality, the participation of males in early childhood education has not expanded because of stereotypical perceptions of this occupation, low salaries and status, and fear of being accused of sexual abuse.

Males may make important contributions to the field of early childhood education as well as female teachers. Male teachers could provide support for children as nurturing adults. It is critical to improve the perceptions about gender-related issues in the profession of early childhood education.

This study aimed to explore the perceptions and thoughts of male students. Five main categories were identified: attitudes towards male teacher identity; the advantages and disadvantages of being a male teacher; the future positions of male teachers and their future plans related to their job. The main issue was the identification and perception of early childhood teaching as “women’s work.”Go to journal website.