by Kevin Klein -

[MenTeach: The following posting came from a Daddyblog in April 2006. It produced several comments at the site and offered some data about men teaching.]

The church I belong to has a nursery, which looks after kids from 18 months to three years while their parents attend two hours of classes. Since our daughter has recently reached 18 months—and since the nursery’s designated caregivers are always short-staffed—I’ve spent the first hour helping the wee ones (about six to ten of them) play nicely, eat their lunches and learn how to sing and pray.

As I run a Matchbox car up a giggling boy’s chubby little forearm and finally succeed in getting the princess picky eater to finish her sandwich, I find myself thinking, wouldn’t it be great to do this for a living? Wouldn’t it be meaningful to be a strong, nurturing male to the very kids for whom it will do the most good?Read the complete article and comments.