The impact of an Elementary School Teacher during the early and formative years of a child’s life is significant from both an intellectual and social development perspective. From impacting their self-image to affecting their success or failure in school or work to their personal lives, Teachers play a critical role.

For the most part, Elementary School Teachers work in private or public education institutions, teach several subjects to a classroom of usually between 10 to 35 children from first through sixth grade. In some schools, many grades are grouped together, and in this scenario, a team of Teachers will work together where each provides instruction on specific subjects. In other schools, some Teachers provide instruction in one subject but to a number of classes. Whether through classroom lectures, visual presentations, or one-on-one instruction, Teachers instruct children in a variety of subjects such as math, science, art, history, geography, English, and more. They also employ a variety of methods to teach students basic skills.

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