By Jessica Madhukar - WTMJ-TV

It’s a role that is typically led by a female. Fewer than 3% of pre-school and kindergarten teachers are men, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Jeremy Walton is working to break the stereotype as the only male early childhood teacher at Next Door Milwaukee.

Next Door Milwaukee is a learning environment that specializes in early childhood education serving nearly 1,400 children in Milwaukee County, ranging from as young as birth to five years old.

Jeremy made a career switch two decades ago from working in the information technology field to pursuing his passion as a teacher.

“It was my time to come back and to be here and be a part of the movement of men of color starting to change the stereotype. What is more impactful? Troubleshooting technology needs – or helping to build better people,” said Walton.

As a Black male, he sees his position as important now more than ever for other young Black children.

“They can be spoken to in a way where they know they are valued and that they belong here. Those are the things that I think men of color can bring and the children can see that we are here,” said Walton.

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