By Brendan King - 6News Richmond

The lack of male minority teachers is a problem that exists across the country as well as in Richmond, according to the 2019 National Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson.

Robinson now serves as a senior adviser in the talent office at Richmond Public Schools. He’s also in charge of the Teacher Leader Pathways office, which includes RVA Men Teach.

“RVA Men Teach has two missions: one, to keep the male minority teachers that we already have. Two, to recruit and train new male minority teachers for the next generation,” Robinson explained.

Male minority teachers make up just 5% of all educators.

An RPS release said 13% of students are more likely to go to college if they have a teacher of the same race in elementary school. That number jumps to 32% if they have multiple teachers that look like them.

Students are also 39% less likely to drop out if they have one, same-race teacher in elementary school, according to the release.

Robinson and RPS is inviting anyone who wants to be an educator, including male minority teachers, to a Saturday conference at Huguenot High School.

The 2023 RVA Men Teach Conference will host three panel discussions, eight breakout sessions, alongside 10 vendors and universities. There will also be an onsite RPS hiring fair with on-the-spot interviews.

“Most students in the United States, they do not have male minority teachers until they get to college. Then even in college, they may have one or two. So it’s not just the Kindergarten to 12th grade issue. It’s an education issue. Overall, we need more male minority educators,” Robinson stated.

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