by Chantee Lans - WFMY2

Education experts say that a lower salary and stereotypes are to blame for a shortage of male teachers across the Piedmont Triad.

Bill Budusky is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Hunter Elementary School in Greensboro.

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Budusky is one of only six male teachers out of 75.

The father of two said having male teachers in schools is important because they serve as positive role models for boys.

“Male teachers are absolutely necessary especially in a school like Hunter Elementary. You have some students who may be at risk that may have some needs in their backgrounds in their daily lives where a positive role model is missing,” explained Budusky.

Carolyn Hiatt spends her days educating and prepping teachers. She said the salary is a deal breaker for men.

“If you’re a primary winner, the man, that may not be enough income, especially if you want your wife to stay at home with your children and raise your children. It’s just not enough money,” said Hiatt.

In Guilford County Schools, only two out of every 10 teachers are men.

Two out of every 10 teachers are also male in Rockingham County.

In Randolph County, only 17 percent of teachers are men.