Lee Colony - GM Today Staff

WAUKESHA – Ben Miles is a rarity, but he doesn’t mind. In fact, he said he likes it a lot.

Why is Miles a rarity? He’s a man teaching in the early elementary school grades.

He’s even more of a rarity because he’s a kindergarten teacher, now as a long-term substitute at Saratoga Elementary School.

He’s been kidded by friends and family about being a guy teaching the littlest of school children. But if you ask him, Miles says he would have it no other way – this is where he wants to be.

“I just love working with the younger students,” Miles said. “They have such an energy to them. You never know what will happen. It can be nerve-wracking sometimes, but then it can be wonderful, too.

“It’s exciting to see that acknowledgement in their eyes, when they learn something they didn’t know before. There’s a lot of that learning, where they realize something or learn about something for the first time in their lives.”

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