by Morgan Greenwald - Yahoo News

According to preschool teacher and TikToker Tell Williams IV, “students say some crazy stuff.”

On Feb. 23, the educator shared a hilarious story with his 599,000 followers about the shocking exchange he had with one of his students while they were playing “pretend restaurant.”

“I’ve been teaching preschool now for, like, 8 years. Somehow I’m still shocked over some of the things that come out of these children’s’ mouths,” he said.

While Williams was playing pretend restaurant with his students, one of them decided she was going to be the owner, the server and the chef. “I won’t lie, her restaurant was, like, kinda lit,” he joked.

When Williams was ready to order his final dish (a piece of pie) and get the check, he finally decided to look over at his student’s play kitchen – and what he saw was rather disturbing.

“I look over … and I see that all of her baby dolls are just sitting on the stove,” he explained. “And I was like, ‘What are those doing on the stove?’ And she very flatly was like, ‘I’m cooking.’ […] She looks at me and goes, ‘Are you hungry or not?'”

The young chef’s head-turning, Sweeney Todd-esque comment left TikToker users in hysterics.

“I can’t stop laughing,” one person said.

“More stories please,” another commented.

“This is amazing,” a third wrote.

Williams shares plenty of entertaining anecdotes on his TikTok, so make sure to follow him for more stories!