A Special “New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men” was appointed to conduct a study on the subject.

The New Hamphshire official website http://www.nh.gov published the study on status of men (in following link), which can be considered to be applicable to men in western world and also men in fast growing economies.


This study highlights many important aspects of men and their roles in society, which today’s politically correct media tends to ignore.

The New Hampshire Charter says: “The General Court recognizes that men are an important resource for families and children, and wishes to explore the causes and consequences of a variety of social, economic, and health problems facing men, and to have recommendations for relief made available to the public.”

And one of the actions recommended is: “The number of male public school teachers should be increased by raising teacher salaries, promoting male teacher recruitment in high schools, and encouraging current teachers to take an active role in recruiting young men as teachers.”